Monday, August 13, 2007


I took Phonte's advice, went outside and got some fresh air this past week. I did not get my download on this week however as much material as I try to listen to, I run back to what I like and love. This past week I stumbled upon some old shit that trapped my attention: Ghostface's Fishscale, some Matisyahu, Fat Joe's All or Nothing, Nelly Furtado's Loose, Plies' 100%, OMD and a Mr. David Ruffin. Let's just say it was a nice vacation.

Three things I learned this weekend:

When your drunk, and no matter how much you hate Soulja Boy and his riveting (yeah if you're
trisomy 21) "Crank Dat", you still "Yuuuuuugh" and do your dance. It was a blast watching people, who'd never heard the song previously, get their Supaman on. Lord, I'm sorry for acting crazy ridiculous but I had to. "Yuuuuuugh!"

Weezy* is a God to white people. Why, I don't know. That just brought him down a step in my book. Repeat: "Weezy* is not fiya".

People like that Lupe "
Superstar". That shit got numerous repeats. I guess I went to high school with the dude on the hook, Matt Santos, but I only remember his sister.

I'm a little overwhelmed with two tapes in particular: Mickey Factz "
Flashback Vol. 1: Back to the Future" and Strong Arm Steady's "Deep Hearted Sampler". I've gotten through most of Mickey Factz' and all of Strong Arm's tape yet I'm still iffy on both of them.

Mickey Factz seems too stuck up sometimes. Honest. He's a smooth listen and I'm digging the throwback tracks but dude's swagger is set to Narcissism mode. I still got to give him a thorough listen so next week on him...

Strong Arm Steady got some beats. I never heard of them so when I saw their photo, I saw that albino looking dude, I'm assuming Krondon???, so I was like 'I'll give them a listen'. Their rhymes are more than tolerable but nothing gave me whiplash.

Kiotti dropped an album on the low... ouch! That shit was like seven days long... He had the same flows, although their cool at times, and too many girly songs. The beats were missing. I can say that again: the beats were missing. No real features. And the raps were extra ordinary (notice the space!).

super-mega mix of Florida rag dolls supervised by DJ Smallz did not captivate me.

Noooooo! This 30 year old New York, sorry ass transplant does not rep Minnesota! Don't listen to him! He cannot stay on beat!!!! Mally is Minneapolis... and he's coming!

Question Spread will be here by the end of the week... sorry, I'm lazy.

T-Pain will consume my attention all of next week... Imma take you "Back, back, back..."


At 8:54 PM, Blogger The Major said...

august 13 tracks:

bizzy trae thug til i die
bossman suicide letter
crooked i i just died im your arms
crooked i real muthafuckin gz
daz only on the left side
gorilla zoe wild thang flow
j holiday bed
kae p kicks cigarillo fulla dro
keyshia cole missy ti dro let it go rmx
flip pass tha swisha
lupe wherever i go
royce 9th wonder the last time
smallworld luda mr magnificent
styles p stop skemin
swith el debarge i call your name (throw some ds sample)
triple cs brisco weezy* pill poppin

At 12:32 AM, Blogger swede said...

Why do you say that Weezy is god to whipe people? Me and a few of my good head friends love him, but alot of my friends hate him as well.

At 9:14 AM, Blogger The Major said...

Truth be told Weezy* is cool as hell to me. BUT when I use the term "White" it's towards non-Hip Hop fans, who most often are white. What I get pissed at is White or Non Hip Hop fans eating up everything Weezy* puts out. They seem to be less critical (if at all) at some of the trash Weezy* puts out. It's like just cuz he's Weezy* and HOT, everything he touches is fire. AND that is most certainly not true.

At 9:15 AM, Blogger The Major said...

Yeah and I've got some friends that are White and HATE Weezy* w/ passion.

At 5:35 PM, Blogger said...

Major, I've heard and seen Mickey on the net, just jumping around about 3 months ago but didn't know what he or his crew was all about. Although i downloaded the mixtape and I like it. Concept and all. I actually suggested it to a rap group I know about 2 years ago. But surprise someone did it. and he did it right. PAY HOMAGE TO REAL old school!

Dude is hella cocky, kinda like it, I WILL TELL YOU HE LOOKS LIKE A STAR. Maybe sad to say, but he stands out. And I will be the first to let you know. He will be major within the end of the year. He kinda reminds me of a Lupe but a lil cockier!


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