Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Fix

There's something about 60's/70's/80's music that's alluring. To think the 30 years ago musicians were making better music than today's tech savy gurus gives you The Bitter Beer Face. I've always had a thing for original samples in Rap songs but not until I got a hold of some non-sampled work from acts such as Isaac Hayes or Al Greene did I change my tactics of finding new music. My theories were held, suspened in the air; I never searched farther or deeper than these samples. I'm still at the beginning of my little adventure but I'd like to share this journey (I know that does sound Lord of the Rings gay but...). While I like most of the material I be getting, not all of it is 'tight, tight'. But I've rarely had to turn off one of these songs. I mean I know the Commodores' "Easy Like Sunday Morning" but it ends there; Ohio Players, who are they?; and does El DeBarge always sound this into it?

old school r&b soul 4
alexander o'neal sunshine
bobby brown tenderoni
cameo candy
curtis mayfield little child running wild
curtis mayfield think
el debarge whos johnny
freda payne i get high on your memory
hall & oates shes gone
isaac hayes hyperbolicsyllabicses...
isaac hayes ellies love theme
john holt i will
little richard rip it up
o'jays for the love of money
otis redding its too late
the dramatics i just want to be loved
william bell strung out

wendy rene after laughter

Bobby Brown Tenderoni

Cameo Candy

Curtis Mayfield Little Child Running Wild

El Debarge Who's Johnny

Hall & Oates She's Gone

Little Richard Rip It Up


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