Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Watching Them Thangs!

AZ Styles P Hardest
An ill video goes with some good music.

Clef Akon Weezy* & Raekown Sweetest Girl Remix
Um... what's revolutionary about this track Clef?

Shawty Lo Dey Know

Prodigy ABC

Bone Thugs Meet Me @ McDonalds/My Fries Are Hard
Krayzie had me at McGriddle.

Rick Ross Speedin
"We The Best" Khaled makes the video.

Rocko Umma Do Me
Get ready to have this shoved down your throat.

Gucci Mane Hella Ones
I'm thinking Guccie is on to something with these X rated videos. Why are Gucci and the women barely in scenes together? And who rocks pot bellies?

Slim Thug Theme Song
Can I say wack? He should not roll with these boyz in blue anymore.

Kia Shine WOW
Kia Shine looks a little like skeletor.

Clef Paul Simon Fast Car

Styles P Stop Scheming
The Ghost has a mixtape worth of videos from his mixtapes. While I haven't watched all of these hobo-ish looking videos, it's just him in the hood, with a hoody, boots, arm motions, chapped lips and a square held with in his ear.


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