Sunday, February 17, 2008

29 days of Lupe Fiasco: Obsession

I’ve drawn the conclusion that while Lupe may not be a megastar, he’s certainly revered with the fans he does have. And some of these fans may be too into him. It’s like they take The Cool in their lunch box. Obsession goes way beyond dick riding. It may involve liking the ideal rather than the actual thing. It’s as if these obsessed Lupe fans love the fact of his autonomy and his flawless flow more than what Lupe himself. And it’s always positive. I rarely see any slight disagreement with what Lupe does, says or is.

Over at
Lupe the Killa, there’s almost daily news on Lupe. It’s cool at first that someone chronicles Lupe because we never see him on TV or major websites. Dude’s blog may have been created out of that need to fill a void. Everyone wants to read/see something about their favorite star. On closer inspection you realize dude doesn’t say much. Okay, I heard he has videos for “HHSML” and “Paris, Tokyo” too, and from like 10 other sources. Can you say something about it? What you expect? And those YouTube videos, dude, I think I can waste my time typing Lupe Fiasco into the search box as well. Glow in the Dark tour dates info for 4 day in a row? And They Love It, I been known about them. That Cool tour never came around my neck of the woods, so I know that I’ll cop tickets at 10:00:01. LupEND, do I give a fuck if Lupe has the common cold? Lupe Fiasco Blogspot, you think Lupe and a Grammy is a good thing?

While I am adamant in my displeasure of these obsessive blogs I can’t help but think if their goal is to give Lupe press. I mean I’m doing that too. Shit Lupe owns the blogsphere, so at least give him that, right? Lupe fans aren’t idiots, the information will leak. Give us some food for thought instead acting like your Katie Couric. Y’all remind of the crack head from Don’t Be a Menace “Yo, Lupe man I got some Yoji Yammamoto’s man. I’ll suck yo dick.” I mean y’all have measured his dick and know what his farts smell like, right?

I know 29 days of Lupe Fiasco seems obsessive. I just felt like finally giving him proper due. 31 days of Lupe Fiasco—not me! As soon as March hits, I’m spending my time elsewhere with some other fancy. 365 days of Lupe, or anyone, is ridiculous. I’m glad they picked Lupe over Ludacris or Flo-Rida (just think about daily posts about “Low” video stills) but have y’all heard of a chill pill. There’s a life outside Lupe. Don’t get starry eyed for a celebrity. You aren’t best friends and he’d still be irked at your illegally downloaded Food & Liquor joint. There are quite a few good Rappers out today that don’t receive enough mention, how about trying them on for size? Plus is Lupe all that interesting? Not necessarily. I’d give him an ear more than the next uneducated, cake driven Rapper but besides Lupe’s fashion sense and his open mind, he shouldn’t be chronicled every day. I don’t care if Lupe made a surprise appearance for a Kanye West show last night in Oakland. Aren’t you doing what you MTV/E! does and in a sense over saturating our capacity for Lupe? After peeping these blogs, I feel like giving Lupe a rest. Unless you got something to say, can it!


At 2:22 PM, Blogger enoch said...

This is a classic!

And to contradict myself a bit, I dedicate My time to the reverence of Lupe. It doesn’t seep into the Cool. I think the conception and birth of it is pure GENUIS but I’m not cool and the Uncool jargon and such has created an obsession within.
I love LUPE like Cooked food, but too much of anything is bad for you and I can’t suck….. Not my thing.
this is everywhere. Check out Jay-z fans, Kanye, Pharrell. The madness doesn’t stop.
They forget to actually create these people as humans rather than Idols. I give them their props but I do not praise any but God and I’m sure they do the same.

We must practice devotion in other avenues….. You think Lupe is dope? Inspire to move your life in the direction as he. Get some substance out of it and not just dick ridin’ (as I’ve heard it) his lyrics he’s swagger…. That belongs to LUPE who worked damn hard to be revered,

I listen to Lupe Daily as well as Jay, Kanye…… GOOD MUSIC… and admittedly Lupe stays on repeat most days. that’s me BUT my growth exponential surpasses the lyrics that I sleep to….. I’m in full bloom and Lupe is that fathomed inspiration.
Do I love him… yeah more than you do…… but I don’t jock him….. I revere….. look at what he’s done not what he’s rocking.

And the celebs do use it as amo that’s why Lupe sits first class and rocks the best chucks because you’ll go cop them as soon as he says too….. porch monkeys or humans… victimizer or victim?

Long live Lupe and the uncool


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