Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Since I've been sleeping for way too long here's what I could muster...

"U.M.C." = Afrika Bambaataa. I feel like breakdancing.... on all of Common's records.

Saigon is back!!! Well, not really. I'll believe it when I see it. Although I could do with out T-Pain, "Believe It" is just some good music we've been missing from Saigon.

Apathy & Celph acting mean again "lift you off your feet with a thought and slice you with the laser" & "you a god damned faggot in a retro shirt". And did Celph say he'd beat somebody with some Ike Turner commemorative plates?

Cory Gunz is an alien on the mic. But that fast rap shit gotta be switched up homie. I can hear talent in Charles Hamilton for real. From his few songs, I can get with him but they ain't fiya. BUT "BK Girls" is that quintessential summer jam. I won't stop playing that until maybe November.

Of course you know "Don't Touch Me" has been my shit since jump. Love the all the mixes and Busta's "Get Busy" flow.

The Fixxers' "Worldwide AM" is another summer jam that's been on repeat. The lyrics ain't all that but the beat is.

AC been alright on most of his flows recently. I like the fact that he chooses different industry beats to go over. He's sort of a throwback but he never kills shit for me.

Didn't care for Jeezy's "Put On" at all. It sounded more like an intro beat. Ye was not as good as everybody's saying he was on there.

Game's new shit with Keyshia is the worst song I've ever heard from him. I WILL NEVER LISTEN TO HIM AGAIN!

Nas's two joints... I have nothing nice to say.

DJ Khaled's song was forgettable.

As for cds... Since I'll never get to write the review for it, "Rising Down" is easily the best shit this year. Funny thing is I hated it for a week. It's good, not great. It's better than "Game Theory". The reason: Black Thought is outshined by his guests on damn near every song. Whether it's Common, Peedi Crakk or Saigon it's true. I think I'm the only one on this planet that hates "Rising Up". Gnarls Barkley was okay. Not too much I care to remember. I swear Danger Mouse and them 3:30 minute songs are ruining what could be some doper music. Cee-Lo's voice gets cut off too much. Get "Who's Gonna Save My Soul" and forget your troubles. 2 Trill was cool, it carried me over for 10 days. As always there's some real good songs and then some trash. "Get Ya Issue" is too trill! Question's "Xanax" and Kidz In The Hall's "The In Crowd" were never finished. I was sort of pissed off at their wackness half way through I never finished them. Rich Boy's tape was the okay. I liked the beats but damn RB keeps talking about cars too much. AZ sucked. Lil Mama's shit was actually okay. Tanya Morgan's mixtape & Little Vic's "Each Dawn I Die" were cool.

I'll post some other song titles I've been feeling the last few months in the comments. If you want any of these songs let me know.


At 1:40 PM, Blogger The Major said...

block xchange twista in love w/the music
papoose die like a g
vein vic damone come on
bishop better than you
joe budden things you do/ set it off
singapore kane big shug dont take it personal
cory gunz flow
talib devils 08
busta get busy/ dont touch me
kia shine
el p drivn down the block remix flow
blu glory us
ice cube it takes a nation
plies who hotter than me
lupe superstar acoustic
lil mama t pain what it is
ti no matter
lupe clef fast car remix
weezy elz let us pray
cool kids oscar the grouch
skyzoo wale lyrically inclined
the camp walk on by
ciara luda high price
little brother black light special
plies janet jackson bust it baby remix
royce crazy/anything/watch me get this money/here they come
bishop lamont get right/city lights/
kenna lupe gbye to love remix


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