Monday, September 22, 2008

Iceberg Ahead!

808s & Heartbreaks is that iceberg. Even real Ye fans like me have got to be realistic. You saw the LAX pub stunt w/ Ye throwing cameras? Seen that VMA performance? Didn't he say he wasn't coming back to MTV? Fame changes everything. Ye is a Superstar right now. If we thought "All Falls Down" got him crazy attention, "Gold Digger" made him Top 40 friendly, we mistook how much Graduation has made him into an icon. He is # 1. That being said, I think he feels like his window of king of the hill will close soon and thus, impulsively, is throwing together 808s & Heartbreaks. And it really is closing--who really stays hot for 5+ years these days?Ye's verses in '08 haven't been up to par but whom I to judge, right. I'm still torn on "Love Lockdown"; I can (and have) vibed to it. But that vibe comes with cringing. I admire Ye's arrogant artistic quote "I'm using Auto-tune because I like it," in that he does push your vision of tight. A year after Graduation, I think it's his best album, content, beats and rhymes. Being the devil's advocate here, 808s might just be that new new. I know we'd love to just yell "I told you so" on Dec. 17...


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