Monday, November 17, 2008

Missing like Camron

That's why I can't wait until next Monday. 808's will be Ye's worst and it'll be hard to get through. BUT the vibe from Coldest Winter, Heartless & Love Lockdown = a zone I can go crawl into some nights. Maybe Ye fucked up with being Aut-O Tune & not rapping but that raw emotion still gets me. & those drums? soothe my wounds. My only complaint so far (besides the already mentioned of course) is that his LOVE songs are quite vague relative to the information we've gotten from his past work. I'm surprised everyone's fronting so far in advance. Weren't Flashing Lights and I Wonder an indication of his transformation content wise. The artwork may be better than the music... Deflated heart.

Like Lupe's LupEND I've been everywhere, nowhere and down there. AKA school+work+stressed out+i don't give a fuck+rap sucks-women can officially eat a big fat one (NO RELISH)-conservatives+can't resume my ideas on The Cool inspired pipe dream/movie...

Waiting on The Killers' Day & Age. They're superficial douche-bags to me most of the time but I still listen.

Drake. I want to pop FAKE Rose. Surprised dude hasn't been touted highly yet. The combo of Rapping R&B is Thee shit. Sometimes he doesn't say anything at all but his swagger & emphasis is cold. And I can come to appreciate Trey Songz only if he harmonizes while Drake rips it. Ahem, Sooner Than Later makes me want to give a bitch roses and wear a turtle neck like Jon B. "What good is being famous if I'm never on your mind... I ain't tryin to be without you at the right moments."

I was so embarrassed last week when I bought T-Pain's 33 Ringz. I picked it up and then put it down. I came back to it like 10 minutes later and tried to not let anyone see me buy it. I gave T-Pain $14 before Nas. Shame. I can be a hypocrite too. I am sort of disappointed though with The Pain; the album isn't as silly as I hoped it would be.

History. Jay Z's trying to be deep and introspective song. We've discussed this already with ourselves. Jay had acne, lemme see that picture. A camel with acne, LOL. "Success is all I got, unfortunately"? 40/40's, plural, don't make you happy? Like you really want to walk with open toed in Johannesburg. Plus the beat is too slow. History should have been the last song on The Black Album. BP3 in February... whatever. BTW, VIVa La Hova was on repeat for like 3 weeks.

Buddens + Royce + Joell Ortiz. Never saw these three orphans getting together and releasing material. Like the songs but don't love them. Halfway House was perfect: he didn't kill shit. The tape was focused on making songs and less on name drops. The beats were terrible, if you didn't know. Enough of those obscure 80's jams sped up. Joey's still so open. Sidetracked been on a constant loop. That's me right now, so easily sidetracked. I could quote the whole song but "I want to let up but y'all be let down... I want to stop somebody and keep it real... I forgot that I was sick cuz these jeans don't seem to lay right over my kicks... sometimes I can be so analytical but who am I a critic to... is it because I don't relate to SHIT". Never have I felt like a rap song spoke to me and then I hit track 11, Just To Be Different. Committed Better Me to the memory.

Shake This has been my theme music this Fall. BE 2 still gets plays & laughs "I got a shark hand, a lobster claw, a bat's sonar and an elephant's foot."

Oh, yeah in case you didn't know: I'm The Shit Fool!

Asher Roth on Change Gon Come. And then on The Reading. Why hate?//Heard Big Sean's Intro? Did he have to bite Shawty Lo. That beat, that beat. Waiting to hear what's next from dude.//Big Shug's second album actually made me throw up.//Weezy's D3 on a quick listen was


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