Monday, July 16, 2007

There I go

I’ve been without my computer for like 13 days until yesterday when I got it back. The CD burner was defective within 9 months. I wasn’t on some DJ Drama type shit, so the burner had no reason to well, burn out. I mention this because for the last two weeks I’ve been listening to old music—yes, shit from June 2007 is old to me! CDs are still my best way of listening to music because when I’m on the computer I’m always clicking, always multi-tasking, maximizing my time. I have this older laptop that I use strictly for writing (that’s how this was written). I don’t bother with music whatsoever on that shit. But I’ve been able to keep up with posts… And over this time I’ve relied on Zshare and DatPiff for listens but there’s something about being able to take music with you and feel it on your own time.

I just found out that I didn't miss much. But I can say (and if you read all the way to the bottom, there’s 2 goodies for you)…

Term has been doing his thing lately. I probably first heard him sometime in the spring. And while I’ve only heard a handful of songs, I’m liking him. He carries himself well on every song. He doesn’t go overboard with flows, language or content i.e. he ain't stuck on form; he's able to produce some bagners. "That Thump" and "Born Alone, Die Alone" have got me lately. Maybe it’s Premier, maybe it’s Term. I think it goes hand in hand but I’ll tell y’all once Hood Politics 5 drops... and EDIT... it just did. Listening to it right now. It doesn't really drop until July 28 but right now it's sounding copable. Holla if you want it...

Speaking about Term… "Mass-ass-a-nation" was playing and I swear I grew an inch.

Wale is a pleasant surprise. Props to 1980 for the word on Wale. Actually, it’s Yung Wale. I prefer it (and he does too). I've half listened to Paint a Picture over the last few weeks. Couple that with hearing his latest, 100 Miles and Runnin, Yung Wale is a stream of consciousness. He likes to say a lot of words and he doesn’t sit on them; he swiftly moves on. I’m still in the process of determining Yung Wale’s status. Give me a week or so… he may turn out to be really damn good.

Big Shug’s Street Champ is cold. Yeah, I never heard of him either. I guess he’s part of Gangstarr. "Play It" was a good look a month ago. That gap was too, LOL. Again the Premier-ish production is a lock but Shug backs it up with some heavy punches. First listens either grab or deter my further attention. Umm, hearing "Walk Away" and "Leg Breakers"… it is copable, even at $15, for those two reasons.

Crooked I and his Hip Hop weekly thing have been going for 4 months now. So I gave in and listened to week 15’s "Can’t Tell Me Nothing". Damn, Crook's transitions are flawless. "I like "Ay Bay Bay" but why don't you suckas Fade-A-Way". "New West Anthem" is a good look too.

That Gucci Mane write up attracted a whole bunch of cats. I didn’t even know Gucci apologized until I checked my blog stats to see my site referrals and found that visitors had Googled "Gucci Mane says sorry T.I.". What kind of pussy makes a diss record and says sorry? Pussy, pussy, pussy!!!

Hell Rell will now be called Hell Muthafuckin Rell. When I snitch, I will now use 1-800-Rat on a G… so Plies don’t make me! I guess Hell Muthafuckin Rell doesn’t need to release a tape, as he says, because he already has dough. Hell, I think I’d rather eat, not just a bullet, but a box of them. So for the hell of it, he decides to wax poetic on street life. It really ain't that bad but it wont make it past my computer. Oh, yeah even though this statement is like a year old: Dipset is dead. Especially if Hell Muthafuckin Rell is the only dude out the camp holding it down (40 isn't even in my peripheral vision).

Funny thing too, he and Duffle Bag Boy dropped on the same day, coincidence?

Sean Kingston is coming from nowhere, right? Yeah I'm thinking he has a ghostwriter too. I'm still a whore for reggae intoned rhymes.

Trae works for me in doses. With his slew of raps, especially over industry beats, he has muddled his name.

Weezy* will keel over sometime this fall. Blame the death on the drank. Blame the crazy ridiculous lyrics on us (we still listen right?).

Who Fred Knuxx? You tell me, cuz the Delaware dude can spit.

If you still haven't heeded my advice, do it. Ditto for Royce.

Yola’s 14 grams didn’t do much as most of the songs blend together. Plus I was never feeling "Rollin". But "Fuck Yall" and "Hustle" are worthy listens.

I'm still not a fan of Cass. I can't stand his flow/delivery.

That eMC shit is real nice...

Now that I’ve told you about my two favorite rappers, Joell Ortiz and Skyzoo, I’ll introduce the third shortly. It’s hard to say who’s number one for me but I swear this third dude will blow your mind. He just might clap ya clavicle in the process!

Those Spreads will continue. I'll be doing one a week for the next two months. Hopefully we’ll do Term and two others from New York; 3 from Texas and some from Baltimore.

Who’s Mally
? I don’t know. Maybe a fucking beast… Them Crazy Sentences is coming.

So here's a catch up on the last few weeks. These should really get you going too.


At 7:09 PM, Blogger The Major said...

july singles:
wzy* baby championship pop bottles
cassidy i dont give a fuck
chingo bling ay wey wey
crooked i nwa
crooked i cant tell me nothing
dj felli fel get buck
emc what it stand for
famlay clispe pharrell no time for nos
fred knuxx hell on earth flow
kanye west mtv flow
nitti jd young capone actin bad
p dukes im a shine
royce elzhi supastision the best to do it
sean kingston me love
wzy* dear lord

At 7:11 PM, Blogger The Major said...

copable snippets: (full songs)
wale dc gorillaz
wale breakdown
wale warm it up cane
big shug leg breakers
term that thump
gemini warning
gemini lupe dynasty
yola hustle
yola fuck yall
hell rell send some shooters


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