Monday, July 23, 2007

"We done grew up in an environment that can't change..."

Best week of the year. Take a deep one...

Skyzoo dropped. I sat there at 11:01 PM on Thursday waiting for the drop from him personally—I had nothing to do! I’ve listened to Corner Store Classic about 5 times this weekend. I wouldn’t say it’s a classic but it beats everything else that’s been out this year. I’m a little stuck on Cloud 9 so the mixtape feel is different. The beats are pretty nice and he always comes with that witty shit. The only track I’ve skipped over was that girly shit with Nina B, otherwise the whole tape was way above average. "And everybody know my name it's like a Cheers tape", so if you haven’t downloaded it yet, do it! Cuz I’m beat Skyzoo like a dead horse... GET IT; that link’ll be up for a while.

Before I go any further I’d like to remind y’all that the comment section is open. Yessir. If you can type, or talk, drop a comment and say what’s up. Forget the thank-yous—I do appreciate em—but let us know what you think about the music that’s put up and that I speak about. Y’all feeling Skyzoo, Term, Big Shug…?
Let me know.

Termanology dropped too. I still haven’t sat down and listened to Term but
Hood Politics 5 is dope. There’s enough on there to go off of too, as I just started hearing him. And lots of repeat plays… "That Thump"! I don’t think Term is about to bring shit back but dude got some songs you can chill to. That dead horse thing, ditto.

I picked up Big Shug’s
Street Champ. I like it. The reason: I can leave it on almost all the way through. But really listening to it, I had to really wince at Shug’s rhyming skills. He wrecked a really good album with his weak flows. I guess at 35 (or however old he is), his priorities are completely different. But he barely could wax poetic about his supposed past. And through the whole disc, his array of topics runs thin. On Street Champ Shug acts as if he’s the wise daddy of Hip Hop.

Been hearing that Common is as promised. Heard like half the album… yet I wait.

I haven’t listened to that Sean Price. I never really knew who he was until earlier this year. Heard a few songs and I can say I fucks with Sean Price. Plus when I saw them Pen n Pixel graphics, that MASTER P was like "UGGHH!"

Tum Tum’s Eat or Get Ate is trunk music. At first I was like: trash. On second thought I felt sorry for him. On third thought I remembered that this was Tum Tum we’re talking about. It ain’t that bad but everything sounds the same. I’m accustomed to Tum Tum-isms so even after the initial disappointments it has been keeping my ride’s stereo on lock for the last few weeks.

T.I.P. was heard saying "T.I. the reason T.I. vs T.I.P was bad, brah!"

Didn’t get that Chamillionaire Mixtape Messiah 3, is it any good cuz I haven't heard anyone talk about it?

Kanyeezy and 50 on the same day? That will be interesting. 50 will get pushed back, again.

Joell Ortiz spun that "I Get Money" flow… "late night get me bent money"
p.s. forgot to put it in this week's singles... so cop it like a pig!

Does Kanye still have to do radio drops? "I sharted on tracks".

Rick Ross "Trilla" didn't floor me. Isn't being "trill" a dated concept.

Apathy goes from talking about "I fuck a butterface who got the best butt" to mentioning "daughter's in the back seat sippin on a sippy cup". Ap's lovable, blatant honesty is back.

Crooked I goes off again. "plus im in ya stomach when im dickin you like you pregnant with a baby and he's kickin you".

These super remixes are getting to me. How did Kia Shine hook up with LL?

Note to self: do not look into Royce's eyes.

A message to all y’all internet thugs: SHUTDAFUCKUP.

excommunication is nearing.


At 8:25 PM, Blogger The Major said...

singles tracks:
apathy stop look and listen
blaq poet nygz nhb
bossman aint nothin south about me
crooked i bitch
ice water remy ma tell me how you like it
jason fox hood prez aunt jackie
juganot joell ortiz uncle murda en why cee
kanye i get money flow
keith murray hustle on
kia shine va artists so krispy remix
mugsy tear it down
quik amg jim jones werk wit dat remix
rick ross trilla
royce cant tell me nothing flow
too short e 40 this my one

At 3:25 PM, Anonymous GRIFF said...

yeah man that skyzoo mixtape is ill...i like that he uses a beat off the beat konducta...most cats are scared to try to flow on one of those!

At 9:23 PM, Anonymous fresh said...

If you haven't heard much of sean price, try to dig up an old copy of Heltah Skeltah's Nocturnal, or any of the stuff he did as Ruck with Boot Camp Clik. Some dope stuff.

Here's one of his old videos:

At 10:00 PM, Blogger The Major said...

griff: what's the beat konducta?

fresh: good looking on the vid/recommendations.


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