Thursday, October 25, 2007


With weeks to go, and probably a chunk of days for the leak, until Jay Z’s return to form album American Gangster drops, I find myself not caring. On the heels of his worst efforts since Volume 3 with Kingdom Come, trust is not the easiest word to attach to new Jay Z material. The way Jay announced his return was odd too being in its general surprise. But it almost seems like a marketing ploy for the movie, American Gangster. Execs, seemingly planning ahead of time with actors such as Denzel, brutish Russell Crowe, Clifford Harris and Common, believe that earlier strategies of attracting attention miss fired, allowed the great H O to view the film and accept their plans of an album based on the movie.

Okay, I’m biased against Hova for his paltry services as leader both at Roc-a-feller and Def Jam over the years. I will never forgive him for shortening Cam’ron’s career—there I said it! (Did I just admit that Cam’ron was my favorite rapper for a moment in time—be that 3 years?) Although my reasons may be warranted on some nod of agreement (thank you), his lyricism continues to make me eat my own words.

The only reason I finally reserved some time out to write about ya boy—I mean, "Blue Magic" has been out for over a month now—was because Joe Budden, telepathically, probably, shares my opinion: what the fuck is this "Blue Magic" all about? Is this an inside joke? What are these people listening too? Surely they must have got a different version than I?

Going off the top of the dome, because listening to "Blue Magic" is not my idea of fun, it is full of polished drug rhymes and a mild tint of braggadocio. Oh, wait he’s metaphorical with those drug references, "Barnum and Bailey with the pies... whip it around, it still come back hard". Damn, I wish I had some disputable evidence of Jay back in the 80's, i.e. a picture, to show him "Wanna bring the 80's back, that's okay with me that's where they made me at." More so, you didn't do shit in the 80's, shall we pry Deephaven? The second verse just loses me so I wont even start. His hackneyed East Coast accent on, "The DA want to indict me" is too noticeable. Jay was in concert with that white? Jay overstates his claims with the hook as well, I mean he may be getting money but he is talking about it the whole time. His vocals are backed by the type of Pharrell beat that I dislike the Clipse for. Immediately I cannot just groove to the song because I’m thinking ‘damn, what’s wrong with this beat.’

Rest assured, I’ve decided not judge Jay until I hear the entire album as a whole. Even he said he’s embarrassed and in the wrong for believing in his own retirement four years ago. Vindication is sweet after all! I call into question everyone who has already crowned Jay king again; if Jay’s served us shit—Kingdom Come—it’d still be edible. Hence, AG should stand up with Reasonable Doubt and Blueprint, as has been said by press release from his camp. Even Jay didn't feel "Blue Magic" enough, telepathy, again, so he added it as a bonus track. It was stated that AG deserves to be heard in its entirety. Please do and don't hype yourself out.

Jay Z "Blue Magic"


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Get off his dick

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Can people read?

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