Saturday, October 20, 2007

Start Joey

Make sure you take Joe Budden of your Fantasy Rap Team's bench and begin to start him as soon as possible. And then put your thinking caps on. From his five untitled tracks released a few days ago, Jerz's boy is back. It's nice to hear songs where almost every line is cold. That's the best way to describe Joey's songs. It was nice to hear in some recent interviews that he'd been dropped from Def Jam and he waited until he was off to release Mood Muzik 3. It really feels as if he's back to rip some hearts out. Although it wasn't easy waiting, his work is much more than quality (see Joey, I can drop Pop references too!). It could take an hour dissecting just one Budden song. This leak could not come at a better time because it really has been a drought out there for substantial music.

Mood Muzik 3... Coming In December.

Some reasons to be excited: "It's easier to kill niggaz then it is not to." "I'm focused on tomorrow, I'm done seein my friends in the rearview, thinkin we really closer than we are." "Now everybody wanna spit about they personal lives." "Waitin on my jackpot, always been a have-not." "I put the wall up and thoughts just tear through." "It's my world, everybody payin rent in it." "The game used to make you sell your soul but now it gotta come with a dance." "His arms tied, I'm tryna teach dude to touch the sky."

Mr. Pop References is at it again too: "Bullpen's fucked up, just ask Willie Randolph." "How you take so long to do classics, I tell niggas I can't understand that Blue Magic." "Either you on some snap shit or plain old stuck in a different decade like Da Brat is." "While y'all at the awards, I'm loading up on the ratchets, that's the TIP I'm on." "I was at a loss for words like Fiascogate." "The Greastest Rapper Alive is wearing suits and ties." "Fastballs coming at em like a Dice K arm." "Play Vanilla Ice, I get Suge Knight on em."


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