Sunday, November 04, 2007

Missing In Action

Since I've been absent on posting my thoughts on recent singles that have dropped over the last month, I'll expound on the shit that's been getting me through these days. I'll be back next Monday putting together videos, singles and commentary along with a rar package of songs from the previous week. I'm not going to upload anything as of right now. IF you want a song that is talked about below, let me know and it will be up tomorrow with the rest of the daily links.

joe budden the ransom disses
Do I have to say anything? I even feel bad for Ransom. Like should I send his moms some flowers? Joey ripped him for almost 15 minutes even if he was talking from somewhat. I'm afraid to LimeWire Ransom because I just might not find him. LOL!

weezy* question world of fantasy
Although this is from June, I forgot about it. While Weezy* doesn't kill the verse, he does justice. One of his better verses. "He could see the devil see the devil in my features." Question confines himself to two verses of some nice lyricism intertwined with a story. And the beat/hook is simple and easy.

ghostface my heart gently weeps
This shorter version, and different verse from Ghost, hits harder for some reason. Probably because I like Ghost but he spazzes out. "Yall niggas kill me... open you up like a pabsmear... put this in your mouth chew on the barrel of love."

wu tang my heart gently weeps
The much hyped, Beatles rip off beat is worth it. While I'm feeling the track, you have to be in a mood to vibe to it.

nas surviving the times
Even though this track is selling his terribly planned greatest hits, it's a look back at where he's come from and his time in the biz, "you warned us, if you came back and we still on the corners, we goners."

ghostface celebrate
A cool song, it has it's pros and cons but like most Ghost singles, they never really hit, "I can holler at the bird like im dr do little."

weezy* clef operate on me
Although Weezy* doesn't say much, if anything, the beat is where it's at... I've listened to this many times on repeat, "coppin quarters like the arcade... she shoots me with happiness, i bleed joy."

weezy* gossip
Three straight verses from Weezy* with no bullshit. "Im tryna to be polite but these bitches in my hair like a bunch of po-lice." It's a nice rebuttal from Weezy* to his critics. Even non-Weezy* fans need to listen.

weezy* trouble
Another quiet one from Weezy* that sounds similar to "Gossip". Not as good as "Gossip" but more laid back expressive Weezy*. I like the direction of these songs, "eat like dogs but we still people."

weezy* smoke sessions
Laid back beat. Hook is cool. Rhymes/verse is fairly thin. If only Weezy* fully developed tracks?

saigon coz you know
Don't know if this is making the album but I'm starting to feel Sai again. Blaze came with the beat and Saigon goes in, "Singing like Mariah Carey in the shower."

sha stimuli n word
Sha Stimuli either hits or he doens't. While jacking this Roots beat, he put together verses of feelings rather than knocking it out with slick rhymes.

crooked i one mic
"We all hungry now you lookin like lunch meat, one breach of the g code that's when our guns leak."

crooked i 28 weeks later
"Put you to bed like J Holiday."

crooked i xxplosive
"I'm selling hip hop weekly condoms now so you can fuck with my lyrics."

skyzoo superstar flow
Just listen to Sky. Three cohesive verses. Sky shows he can be good without his slick/smooth rhymes.

royce promised land
Okay, Royce, you had the real Premo, so what (and it is your ego)! Here, Royce seems to be stuck, and destined, to make mixtape music.

fat joe weezy* crackhouse
Joe is so average. If he didn't have killer production, I wouldn't be on him that much. But then again, Fat Joe does excel in his element; he knows how to make mediocrity sound phat. And what's with Weezy* doing Joe's hooks?

lil ru dont i look good
Although it's the usual southern affair, it has been the only song south of the mason dixie i've been feeling for a while.

bishop lamont i still kill/american dream/no stoppin carson
Three decent efforts from Bishop. None stand out but two of them bang. "I'm getting so hot I even hate me."

royce blue magic flow
Worse than Jay's original, what is Royce really rapping about?

camron glitter
No, Cam isn't back by any measure. Yet if you're a Cam fan, like me, you'll like it. "When I fuck her like Marbury, Isiah." Un Kasa's verse is funny though, "The watch gotta have more rocks than Earth Science."

ac skyzoo healing
Mixtape shit. AC sounds funny and not in a good way. Sky's verse was okay but it seems like it's too easy for him to churn out regular rhymes, even if they are cool.

36 mafia in the ghetto
Easy sample. Usual beat pattern. Tried rhymes.


At 12:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice selection of songs...oh and why is it that beanie sigel is hard to find on the ignorant shit (remix) like it is trying to find Ransom on limewire?!!?

At 9:59 PM, Blogger edutaina said...

Ransom on lime wire...ha!
Your blog is sooooooo appreciated by me.
I thank all the die hard hip hop heads out there becuz if we(fellow hip hop heads) don't, who will?

Keep doing your thang mayn.

I rep east Texas all day every day

At 11:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

why the * always after weezy? why!?

At 2:31 PM, Blogger The Major said...

The * asterik after Weezy* is because he stole his rhyming/flow delivery from Gillie da Kid and mimics Jay Z's flow. Like how Barry Bonds most likely took steriods at some point, Weezy* kind of cheated as well by using Gillie's help and copying Jay Z.

Thus the asterik is applied after Weezy*'s name because it should be known that how good his last few years have been w/this remixes/mixtapes, he didn't make it here entirely on his own creative skills/accord.

At 4:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you actually believe the Gillie bullshit? Weezy is 100% the truth!


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