Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Watching Them Thangs!

Nas Surviving the Times
Mid-nineties Lex with the tape deck = quintessential Nas.

Nas on Nigger
Maybe Nas has gone too far with his ridiculous antics? Don't mature persons pronounce mature matour? Nas looks sleepy, as if that's unusual. Who doesn't know their album release date?

Big Lou Crackhead
It's nice to hear someone get real. And a plus underground dudes promote themselves with these no frill videos.

Smif N Wessun Rock Joell Ortiz Stomp
These dudes look rough. Who really totes a sledgehammer? I mean even Cassidy doesn't do that. If Joell wasn't here though, I don't know how many spins I would have given it.

Gist the Essence Young Black & Gifted
Gruffy Queens dude nice on a first listen although the "young, gifted & black" motif has been used/done before.

Adam Tensta They Wanna Know
Swedish Rap? Why not, right? Song's not bad but the beat is too dancy for Rap and it takes control over the rhymes. And it's more of a hook based song. But I can understand dude better than Dizzee Rascal.

Adam Tensta My Cool
I see the hipster crowd eating this dude up. While the production is Poppy, it's on point. Anybody got any links? Swedish connects better keep me up to date on AT...

Away Team Greedy

AC Skyzoo The Healing

T-Pain Church

Kanye vs Mos Def

JR Writer Reuses Verses
What a business plan! JR smooths things over by "offering" another verse. Even with another, new, verse I wouldn't listen to a JR feature.


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