Tuesday, November 27, 2007

When the day's dry

When the daily Rap music offerings slow or what's out doesn't fancy your attention past one listen (mostly the latter), there isn't a better excuse to veer.

Pick your poison.

Pearl Jam's
No Code got me through over the weekend (get your own link for once damnit!).

And I finally stumbled upon a good soundtrack from the Darjeeling Limited. If you're a Wes Anderson fan, you've seen the movie and probably like it. If you've never heard of dude, Google him. Good movies, good musical accompaniments. Decent Indian & French (I think) music, a Stones track and a few Kinks. You ever heard a sitar? Didn't think so... download the shit!

That "
Dead Prez 3" isn't anything special; the new Skyzoo "Ghetto America" Remix is terrible; DJ Drama's tape is full of old crap (who wants to hear Willie Da Kid!?!); and I've never been a fan of Sir Broad St. Bully. At least that Wu-Tang 8 Diagrams was cool on a skim through (although I kept replaying "Heart Weeps") and that Alicia Keys is still getting heavy rotation. I think I'm just waiting for the leaks of Styles and Ghostface.

The only thing to hold you for today: J. Dilla & Busta "I Rap Paragraphs" Rhymes got together (well, .... you get the drift) and Mick Boogie offers a free tape, Dillagence.
Link 1. Link 2.


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