Monday, December 10, 2007

Missing in Action

here are some songs that have been on repeat the last month. since i've been lazy, here are my sparse thoughts. if you want a song mentioned, get a hold of me...

murs better than the rest
good use of sample. seems as if murs is on track to come back strong.

rocko rick ross ti jeezy umma do me remix
its always interesting to see which random southern song gets plug. from hearing this 5 months ago, who would have thunk? and its surprising to see heavyweights feeling the need to lend a 16. ti's got the gayest bars of the year: "yall like some dental cream i go in niggas mouths and like a limousine i stretch nigga out." rick ross sounds refreshing "hello, hello...". and jeezy with his goofy remarks was nice "im like 'yall tricked me put the engine where my trunk be'... my house cool so many rooms that it look like a high school speaking of high schools i never passed that."

royce "who got bodied" v mistah fab "cia"
both have their lines and both talk way too much. and now i've already written more than i should have about these dudes. oh yeah, fab won.

jay z this shit right here
what more can i say?

jay z dead prez 3
good but where does it fit?

hi tek rae ghostface my piano
i hate the hook and the beat is so-so. whatever, if you can get past that (you can) both offer the usual.

chris brown fallen angel
and no, i didn't download exxclusive but i stumbled upon this song. i think i only like the beat.

magno flip lucky luciano syrup in my cup
where's magno? no, where's flip? no matter because its more houston infused trunk music.

crooked i leather so soft/get away/dynasty/im a g/10 commandments
they're all better than average. he's showing he can rap about anything, be creative and make it worthwhile. listening to only one week, you can tell he's a flexible mc but his 36 week run is hitting a the weezy* wall: oversaturating the market. it's like 'okay crook, you're dope. now go away for a while and when you come back you better have original production, mixtape or album!'

joell ortiz novel duffle bag boy remix
technically the song is obvious fire, i mean joell's flow is on point but his content is getting to me.

az a better world
sounds old but then again it may just be vintage az.

jay rock murder
love the beat and jay rock, although one dimensional, works on here.

k dot on my momma
swizzy delivers but k dot misses the boat on this.

jay rock k dot half way crooks
okay efforts... still wondering when the No Sleep Till NYC tape gets leaked online!?!

busta step up
good beat, like his flow although the doubles eventually annoy. i never copped Dillagence... was it worth it?

bob this is my
at least bob is different but as i've said of bob: dust yourself and try again.

royce guilty v stylez big three
just rapping, the quintiessential song you put on a burned cd, track 14 and listen to twice over the next three weeks in your car.

one be lo born and raised
tbd. still listening to rebirth.

mary j blige busta work that
not a mjb fan but i'll give her this song, and i'm lovin the hook. is busta lecturing women?

ghetto mistah fab term 50 states

big lou thanks
hear big lou rap (the best i could say).

skyzoo stop frontin;
skyzoo torae new blood;
sic osyrus, skyzoo i still love her:
regular sky shit, i.e. don't pay no mind if you're not a sky fan.

ras kass what more
why does this beat sound like a poor man's "indian flute". ras doesn't do much here either.


At 1:21 PM, Anonymous one eye said...

yo man nice post. do u think you could put up jay-z-this shit right here and dp3 if its the full version without any tags. idk if that even exists. thanks man keep up the good work


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