Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Sweet James, Spice 1, 21 & Donda

I guess the news of Pimp C doesn't suprise me a heck of a lot. Not to sound like O'Reilly but this seems to happen regularly. The first thought though, was: isn't Pimp like 35? I understood that the chances of a black male dying would go down towards the mid to late 30's? We'll see how he passed. I heard he was found in a hotel in L.A. Drugs seems to be the suspect. Drank? I don't think so, I don't remember him pushing it that much. E pills? If he that's it, I'm sorry but I'd have to have a chuckle. Taking skittles at 30 something, really Pimp, that's how it goes down? Cocaine... Tony Snow. That's probably it, or some bunk ish mixed with trace amounts of heroin.

Pimp got of jail just about two years ago. He went on a Tupac streak, churning out so much material, that I grew annoyed of the sound of his voice. He and Bun seemed to not always be together. Not that they're supposed to be but we, the fans, get the sense that groups/crews do everything thing together. It seems that may have been the case but with Pimp's jail time, Bun learned to fly on his own. Thus coupling that with Pimp's obnoxious (not always in a bad way) personality and it meant: wise, fly and flashy. Speaking about So So Def, Pimp did recently call out ATL and slam certain persons (that's right). Pimp was talking out the side of his mouth this year, so it isn't much of a reach to single out his addiction or over indulgence on one of his favorite topics.

Did Spice 1 get shot at a day care, how old his now? I never listened to Spice too much over the years but he is a household name in West Coast Rap. Who knows what happened--robbery--but it could be a case of having bad blood, hateration or balling in a depressed neighborhood.

The thought was with Pimp and Spice was they had survived this long and would have been all but removed from their past dwellings. Yeah, yeah, yeah "you can take the person out the hood but not the hood out the person".... I guess you can't? No, I think some, if not most people feel the pressure to accommodate a stereotype of strength and loyalty. See T.I. See Stack Bundles. See HAWK. See Proof. If you don't need to be around the life, don't. You certainly have the means to change your surroundings. If you've ever seen the MTV Cribs Ice-T episode he said one thing that has a lasting impression, "I worked my ass off for this shit. I got the money to move myself and my family out. I own this bitch. Hollywood Hills. I used to look up here all my life and now I'm here." While I paraphrased, anyone would do the same.

Sean Taylor was a hard hitting, if not malicious (at times) safety. He spit in that 49ers player's face a few years ago. Yes, these are only two bad things to diminish his reputation. I'm sure there are plenty of good character traits he's known for that are not talked about. While I still haven't read that much into his death, the whole thing sounds fishy. Not to say he asked for it but for what I've heard... He used to be a Hurricane. Hurricane team players over the last few years have had their outs with area hood figures. Didn't the Hurricanes and FIU have a stomp-out fest last year? Living in Miami, Taylor, with his status and notoriety, must have been quite a showman around town. He could have said some things one night at a club or what have you and a hit could have been placed on him. Or some Zoe Pound thought it would gain him brownie points by whacking Taylor off the map a la Stack Bundles. I heard that one or more of the suspects had worked for Taylor, particularly at his house. Random killings are very unusual. How would a normal Zoe Pounds know how to navigate wicked suburban enclaves or circles en route to killing Taylor? Taylor had one of the suspects mow his lawn, manual labor type shit at his house. So if this is true, Taylor was treating a dude like a field hand that was paid with Franklin's? And Taylor must never have watched The Untouchables, you never bring a machete to a gun fight.

Also what didn't help me with Taylor was the press that he got, just YouTube Sean Taylor. I'm not directing any blame towards him or his family but being a sports star but the media took this one to town. All those 21 tributes were overdone and obviously showy bullshit.

Donda West's doctor should not have performed the surgery in the first place yet as reports stated, West was denied the procedures from a few other doctors who noted that she needed medical clearance before they would perform the breast reduction and tummy tuck. Assuming she had a heart attack, which is most common, especially in older persons opting for surgery, she herself should have known this risk. She has a doctorate herself and she has money, so stupidity should not be culpable, or should it? And did you see the alleged place where she got the procedure done, shit she could have got her nails done too (no Kid Sister).

All this talk is not to criticize and pick apart the dead like the media ridden vultures. And in most of these cases the fault does not lie within the dead individual. I mean I respect the dead. But in all of these premature deaths/near death, there are steps that could have been taken to avoid previous run ins. More so, living the fast life may have caught up with some of these people. Getting rid of your past may be difficult to shake yet certain choices are in your hands to change friends, hangouts et al. I'm not talking about pulling a Run and moving to 'burbs and "selling out". And if you do that, so what, Jay-Z did it! Saving face or your life, you choose. If you have a Bentley while some young & reckless kid rides a girl's bike, there's going to be a problem. Hating will always exist.


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