Friday, December 21, 2007

Spread: Mally

I can now say I know a rapper. Whatever my affiliation, Mally can rap. When you ask yourself ‘where and how do I hear of new rappers?’ what’s your answer? Usually it’s a mix of word of mouth and trial and error for me.

Some things you should know about Mally... he’s got his flow game right (and he knows when to switch it up); he can rhyme for days; his content is personal, witty, funny and part commentary; he’s cut from a different part of the cloth; and he’s got some crazy passion for rhyming.

So? I’m the word of mouth and Mally’s first tape, The Letter, is your trial. If you can sit still for 75 minutes and actually listen, there will be no error. Matter of fact, you’ll be asking for more.

Mally’s Free Mixtape Download: The Letter


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