Thursday, January 03, 2008

Albums of 07

If you need something upped, let me know... didn't feel like upping thangs for no reason (because everybody should already have these).

Lupe Fiasco The Cool

It was a classic after all, so naturally he'd nab the best album of the year. Two weeks before the end of the year and he was still able to offer so much on the first few listens. Even after 20 plus listens The Cool is wonderful. Lu's lyricality sets him, and The Cool, apart; the flow present is great MC like. All the beats knocked, everything he tried worked and his content is all true. He was able to give us great music with a message. I overdose on the The Cool everyday!

Kanye West Graduation Part 1
Kanye West Graduation Part 2

Graduation fell from expectations. I still love it but there are mishaps. Months afterwards I can still sing along, dance and chill to every track (except #8). I wasn't floored by "Flashing Lights" or "I Wonder" but I've come to thoroughly enjoy them. It may not be my favorite Ye album but he's still getting better, beats and lyrics.

Jay Z American Gangster

It was the best album before The Cool came. This is How Jay Got His Grove Back. But what knocks his smooth, God MC swagger rhymes is the lack of excitement. The crazy thing too, the lack of excitement was his choice. But I begin to question the "been there, done there" sounding AG. It's 2007 and Jay's almost 40, so where's the insight, the immediacy. He's more than capable to flip the script and provide us with longstanding music, not New York trap raps.

Suprise, suprise. LB's Get Back is a poignant portrayal of the honesty we leave behind for stylish facades. The immediacy of GB is wonderful. Both Pooh and Phonte came and the beats blasted. With just one 9th track, LB flexed their muscles and served us something we should have expected from them but didn't.

I didn't care for the album on first listen because much of the material had been heard over the last year with the constant delays. And the 29 tracks were definitely overkill as much of them said the same thing. When I took a look a while later though UGK was filled with what we need: that in between of Bun's fatherly street advice to Pimp's unabashed absurdity on acting a fool. And with Pimp'c death, this is the last of UGK music before posthumous Pimp C or UGK albums so...

Big Shug Street Champ

Nothing surprised me more than Shug. What he says on tracks is true and provides that over age, East Coast grime shit that I fiend for. Shug's slow flow can get to you as well his simple structured flow. But what he lacks, he makes up for it with his content. The main producer, Moss, should been given credit for creating simple, original tracks all album long. Street Champ is my one album people need to hear because I know you haven't.
T-Pain Epiphany
It's the most stupidest album I've ever heard yet it's entertaining as fuck. Either T-Pain is a jackass (yes) or he doesn't take himself seriously (yes) because the album has goofy tendencies. I take T-Pain with a grain of salt anyways so maybe that's why I loved Epiphany.

Alicia Keys As I Am

I was reluctant to give As I Am a listen. Don't ask me why though. As I Am is 10 tracks deep full of sultry Keys spilling her soul with her piano shit. Her voice is so sweet!

Rihanna Good Girl Gone Bad

As for other women, M.I.A. and Rihanna's album entertained me most of the way. Both must listens. While Keys easily had the best female album this year, these dude offer enough to hold you down for a minute.

I felt compelled to give him the nod. It wasn't what we wanted but whatever, I still like it all the way through. He had too many strike outs with too few songs. But he's still got it.


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