Friday, March 07, 2008

I could never win an Oscar

rich boy weezy* nas ghetto rich remix
I won't act like I remember this track... if this was Rich Boy's original verse: I ain't mad. Weezy* killed the track in his own way. The Oscar talk was all I needed. See, he can hang with the big boys. But then Nas comes in and kills it too. What is it about Nas cominng hard on features? Hopefully this is a sign that both of these dudes can still deliver.

the camp apathy gentlemen needs
The perfect party song. Chalk full of goofy, and barely passable rhymes, this is all that we need. They nailed it perfectly "we some master rhymers, y'all some fat vaginas... sweet like bananna slush... im ti spelled backwards i am it."

little vic sister morphine
Never heard of this dude but the beat really puts me in a nice relaxing mood. I'm quite suprised at how smooth this joint is, he moves through it without hesitation.

swizzy candy green
Now here's a wasted song. Banging beat for the ride but all we get is Swizzy's raps!?! Why couldn't he give this to a Southern artist... like somebody from Houston!

skyzoo hold tight remix
Recently I haven't been that high on S-K. But sometimes I have to remember that Skyzoo's at his best when he's subtle. Check for his alliteration "I've been liftin the limits of lyrics since i've been living so lyrically aint a lyric vivdly livin." Oh, and Black's remix beat is "Necessary Evils" is okay but the beat, OMG!

jay z aint i
What you want me to say? I hate the Timbo beat but then I like it, especially the breakdown. Too long? Yeah but it's cool at parts. The hook still rubs me the wrong way--I guess it's the quintessential Jay Z though.


At 2:15 PM, Blogger The Major said...

Ghetto Rich Plus others:
ac rae told me
chrisette michelle let it rock
common the light 08
fab elz weezy* you aint got nothin on me
glc honor me
jay z aint i
joe budden 4 walls
ye hey mama grammy version
little vic sister morphine
pacific division women problems
re up gang you aint a killer
rhymefest talib never can say goodbye
rich boy weezy* nas ghetto rich remix
skyzoo hold tight remix
skyzoo necessary evils
swizzy candy green
the camp apathy gentlemen needs

hq cool whip
kae p lean & get lit
red cafe paper touching
streetz young deuces
tmi boyz i made it
trillville money line
2 pistols she got it remix
yola money money
yv polow da don i gotta dollar


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