Monday, March 24, 2008


ray cash itz me whop it out
Now why can't this be played a million times in the club. Part of me wants to think "Whopping it out" is another made up gimmick like Joc's Motorcylce dance. Even though my car's not a club, and this is certainly club music, I've been riding around this past weekend bumping it. I'm over not knowing what it means--Ray Cash may be back because it's definitely been a while. The only pause I took while listening was the content and flow aren't necessarily original. "I'm only sipping red champaign."

ice cube nas scarface g rap made me do it
Cube keeps it simple, almost too simple, with the original. IDK on Face. How come Nas comes when he's on a feature or a remix? His opening line was all I needed though.

lupe fiasco ti jeezy superstar remix
Odd combo but Lupe needs it. Like others feel, "Superstar" was better left alone. Jeezy's verse was cool just for the fact that I haven't heard him in a while. "Keep a fresh bald head like I just left Chemo." Lupe delivers a smooth ass verse. Just rewind if didn't get it. "Now you just 10, no longer the trend they dressin."

game big dreams
Tell me this is tight!?! Are we listening to the same song? The beat's okay but not enough to overlook what Game says. Too much Phantom talk. So Game watches Ellen? And then the third verse came... and the old Game came back. Name dropping is terrible habit.

red cafe touchin paper remix
Um. Red can sit down. Most of the verses were just there too. 50 crooning, or trying to... Jada watching bootlegs... so true,"The CD player got El Debarge in it." It still bangs so effe criticizing it.

outkast rae royal flush
Throwback track in the present!?! How come it seems more like Dre 3K's song more than Big Boi's?

rich boy rollin rollin
Out of all of the recent Rich Boy leaks this was the only one that stood out. Maybe it was Zoe on the hook? I'll still rock to him but lest we forget, he's not going to stop talking Chevy's and 22's bka "Monsta". But I can't hate on "Wrist Out the Window" sans Gucci "Nasanex" Mane.

joe budden touch & go

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Track list = Those I talked about plus:

36 mafia lollipop
glasses malone certified remix
bob fuck you
bishop lamont get right back
skyzoo art of storytellin 5
talib devils 08
sha stimuli skyzoo black prez

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