Tuesday, March 18, 2008


"Joell Ortiz. Aftermath!" I say that like 5 times a day.

The fact that he ain't on Aftermath/Interscope is the saddest thing. "So what if I got dropped!" If one of the nicest dudes can't stay on a major label long enough to even record, what's the game to do? I have this sick feeling in my stomach that Ortiz will never be realized. It's '08 and he won't release this year. Old age in the Rap world comes quick. That window is closing.

Recently Joell hasn't been killing joints. He do be offering us strict "stoop" rhymes but that can get tiresome. "So what if I sit on my stoop." Oddly though, I rarely tire of Ortiz. It's in his flow; he switches it up and you just know that he could murder a real beat (those grey day New York beats aren't real beats!). Peep "Fighters". And sometimes I crown him just on a few bars alone. Even though he doesn't provide the best verse on "Hostile" remix (that's Talib), he provides the most memorable line, "Lord you know I ain't out here tryna freeze my wrist." He's one of a few too that I could listen to all day, everyday. I mean, I just pull up a chair and cop a squat.

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