Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Complaining About Nothing

In anticipation for Wale's upcoming mixtape, Mixtape About Nothing, "Conclusion" strikes a chord: rappers are concerned. Wale is straight foward with his feelings of his art dying. We know rappers carry on this facade of money, cash, hoes and lyricism is not a fan's number one ideal. The Soulja Boy and Hurricane Chris realities are felt through out the blog world. "Money doesn't last... money's the last thing on the list," okay. Then the solution is just buying an album? Earth to Wale: on Interscope you'll be lucky to recieve 0.50 cents per album. Bloggers have hurt the music industry, no doubt (we "do raise the bar to an unattainable"). Although it was a necessary medium considering the raping that goes on by the music industry. Wale blaming fans is ridiculous. Is he scared that people won't support him? Why should someone pay $15 for a Fat Joe album when there's two worthy songs? People have smartened up. If people are moved enough, they will support (see: Little Brother). Hasn't he just been streamlined with Interscope and Mark Ronson? Acting pretentious already, damn!?! I understand his concerns yet blaming the fans is the wrong move. Remember where/how you came up--and that's not to create a feeling of dependency on the internet/free downloaders. Do your business and the fame/respect will come (or not). If you wanted respect, you wouldn't have gone into the music biz Wale.

I'm at odds with Wale on another tip too. He's unique and although that's cliche, it's the main reason why I'll continue to listen to him. He'll say some dope shit and then he'll continue with his particular style/flow (it's hard to describe it) and not make sense to me; it's as if he's just rapping, albeit on a better level than most. Not everything makes sense and his transitions can be confusing. Maybe that's just me, IDK. Maybe it's the jealousy that he got on before other underground heads who deserve the spot much more than him. I mean I'm for the underdogs and would like to see more areas, the DMV, get seen. The beat on "Go-Go Mode" is too circus-y. Neither one of the three verses smash each other; each has good and boring parts. I dug their flows just not the content. I fucks with "Nike Boots", no complaints! Along with his other recent other tracks, he still offers me enough to continue to keep an ear out and keep me interested. And I can't wait for Letterman and Leno to pronounce his name "Whale" instead of "Wa-lay". I'm not saying it's a closed door on me feeling him but from what I've heard, I know I'll never be a Wale backer.

Recent Wale Tracks

paint a picture
hate is the new love
wale 100 miles & runnin
wale 100 miles & runnin


At 7:02 PM, Anonymous Richie Rocks said...

yo weve talked many a times over the lupe chronicles and i guess i never mentioned i was from DC....and i used to fucks with Wale till i really sat down n listened
in ALL truth n honesty hes just your mans down the street that raps....he uses his go-go DC flow on every damn song at this point and it got him clout in DC but that shits getting old....when he spits it sounds like my mans down the block who raps and just stepped in the cypher a.k.a. he RAMBLES about NOTHING - this "mixtape about nothing" is more literal than he even intended i think - i listen and check for Wale, hes puttin my hometown on the map but at the end of the day im not puttin people on to him or playin his shit outside of the first time or so i hear it .... meh just glad to know someone feels like i do

At 4:24 PM, Blogger Bemused said...

have to co-sign on the above comment. apart from the go-go flow, there's nothing there.

and i WANT to like dude.

At 6:40 PM, Blogger The Major said...

HA! I'd want to like him too.

Glad I'm not alone. It's not that he's wack at all, it's just he's def missing something. And a lot of folks seem to be giving a free pass and saying he's hot. Um, he ain't!!!

At 3:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yea i mean dude talks about nothing and uses his flow to carry him (citation Weezy)... but some of the complaints from Major were misunderstood lines from Wale's Conclusion...
I don't think Wale is necessarily blaming us as bloggers/fans for Hip-Hop's steady decline in quality, more so the fans who buy the Soulja Boy records (and all those who fall in his category, including Fat Joe). He's askin us for support because he knows the pple who love Soulja Boy don't care at all about him and Soulja Boy seemed to have been one of the most successful rappers at the time (based off sales).
So yea, no big expectations here, but I'm secretly hoping he comes out with heat.

At 4:27 PM, Blogger The Major said...

I feel you on that tip. He wants support. But true support comes within and just buying a cd isn't support to me. It can be, yet there are other forms of support out there. The fact that he's, to me, acting out b/c of "bloggers" lack of conscious when it comes to forking over $15 for a cd, wasn't the best way to express it. At the end he says "hip hop aint died, the fans did." That tells me he doesn't have confidence in us. It's as if he expects us to respect him and he hasn't even hit the scene yet (ie mainstream scene in which you tour/make cds). Ideally I expect an artist to show me what he's got first before I start supporting.

I've supported Ghostface since he came out but I never bought an album of his until his last one. I catch him in concert, get into arguments about him and so on.

At 3:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

nah... he's like, all of us who've been sayin "hip hop is dead" (in my opinion its not dead but, dying) need to stop complaining (which we need to) and help an artist that we support instead of posting them jnts on blogs (which I can't really argue with)... I mean I c what your saying that he might not get much money directly from album sales, but thats the most recognizable form of support to an artist... so whether or not its Wale, you should go out an support an artist you like

At 10:49 AM, Blogger The Major said...

Yeah I agree that Wale's not asking for the support directly but support in general to artists we like.

At 10:49 AM, Blogger The Major said...

Yeah I agree that Wale's not asking for the support directly but support in general to artists we like.


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