Friday, April 25, 2008

Trill Is As Trill Does

It's that time again. I consider Bun B a phase rapper to me; I can only tolerate him every so often. However, once I get back into him, I fall hard for him. He's tight to me, don't get it twisted. I've always admired his swiftness in navigating through the same verse by way of different streets and highways. BUT if we're going to be honest: Bun B's expiration date is quick. He gets stale fast. The content is assured to be a fine balance of street knowldege and Texas swagger. It's a scary thought that this legend has only two avenues, i.e he's never flipped his own script. Plus his fixation with anything and everything 2 Trill has gotten ridiculous. I assumed that he'd name his album after this Trillonmics or Trilltastic etc. and lo and behold a recent interview revealed Bun saying it himself that he's thinking the next one might be Trill OG. This thing happened to me last time out when Bun prepped Trill in '05. He was on damn near everthing. Soon it took a toll and I began to despise his voice. Within 3 different verses/songs you're sure to hear some overlapped rhymes--maybe verbatim. Heard that "Dey Know" flow? His veres on "Certified", "Back in the Go-Go", "Where Da G's" and "Think We Got a Problem"? "That's G", his new single is cool but it sounds like Bun B Version 1.117. Oddly enough though, he usually has the best verse. If he mentions "PA" or "Bun B-da" one more time on a rhyme...!!! For a few months I'll rep him but after his album drops I don't want to hear from him for a year. I already feel that urge to vomit.


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