Friday, June 20, 2008


Guess who's back? Mr. "Hold Up! Hold Up!" Head ICE got a real video. Someone's caking (no Little Debbies). That flow ICE giving is hard, son. It's like he freestyled on a beat. He always pauses before he goes in?? How come you were milking a cow when you spit "Breaking in pieces"? I didn't know green long sleeve T's were in my 2MF homie in the background and aren't Cornrows for kids, silly wabbit. What's hard though is Mike Beck's pink on black BK hat. Word Up! Love the body langauge too. The raps was OK like Lahoma (Weezy*!). I think I dig ICE when he's on attack mode. The quote even hard "Grizzly Bear Smacked The Shit Outta One You Niggas." Mas, mas, mas ICE!!!


At 6:50 PM, Blogger The Major said...

hold up, hold up!!! what kind of bunk polo with 50's nostalgic cars on it is ICE wearing!?!


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