Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Kanye Interlude

"But then I'd have Kanye's problems." Okay Joey (Styles chimes in "Don't leave Buddens in the green room"), I understand the dilemma. BUT right now, right now, I'd rather have Ye's problems. What his mother passed, he broke up with his girlfriend, he didn't get an A+ for his Glow in the Dark tour in Entertainment Weekly.

He couldn't pick a video for "Flashing Lights" huh? That's really being problematic. I'd hate to be him Joey!!!!!!!! You know, to have that artistic freedom to shoot 3 videos. I like the original for the supposed mysterious-ness. Who doesn't like the Video Girl killed The Arrogant Ye? Casino-esque with that shovel too. The second one is my favorite directed wise with those still photographs in motion. Better eye candy but the chick bunrt the eggs! Yeah, I pumped my fist at her breakdown (no Mariah Carey & Bone Thugs) in at the end. I'll plead the 5th on the 3rd.


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