Friday, July 18, 2008

The Mixtape

Yeah, I know I've a lazy motherfucking bastard lately. Had to get a reaction yesterday. Yeah, I got jokes. But glad to hear y'all mad. The joke refers to one of Term's rhymes (see below). Getting your reading glasses, homies!


Term didn't spazz--let's get that straight. If you know Term like I know Term, he barely got started. But he let loose on current issues. Thanks for clearing up that KanYe is a fuck face for comparing Soulja Boy to Nas. Ditto on Diddy with Weezy* to Biggie. So there are others who pray for Rap stars so it doesn't devolve. Relate. "Got a TV in ya crib why you need one in ya whip/you don't ever bust ya gun tell me why you need a clip." Homie watches E!? Relate. On Imus & O'Reilly: "I wish I could kill they mothers." Relate. And some inspiration for yesterday's random post... "Fuck John McCain!". Relate. The other two are some solid Hip Hop tracks to vibe to.

talking to god I to the top w/ cassidy saigon I premonition w/ reks cons

Kid Cudi
Been waiting on this one. Listened to it all day yesterday and today and tomorrow. Kid Cudi is not a lyricist. Furthermore, he's not a good writer. The content doesn't jive through 17 tracks and is quite thin. Hating, women, Cleveland, smoking, space, being different. Yeah, that's about it. It's obvious real fast too that he's stretching because on numerous occasions he'll sing the hook like 6 times and let the beat play. So what if he can't come correct with the rhymes? Instead of explaining that you're different, let "Embrace the Martian" speak for you. I'm still listening though. Blame it on the hooks. The Production is by the far his best attribute. A semi-raucous"Cudi Get"; using Paul Simon's drums (via Common last summer) making fun of the industry with "50 Ways to Make a Record"; Kool G Rap's "Fast Life" loop on "Pillow Talk" was a lazy love track; and being the first to spit over "Save My Soul" and "Spazz". They're all spacey and relaxing. With production on lock, I kept on wishing he'd have made more memorable songs (esp. "Heaven at Nite": never mention Bud Light in a song!).

man on the moon I prayer I band of horses the funeral (prayer beat) I heaven at nite I dat new new I wasting my minutes w/ 88 keys I lovestoned I kid cudi a kid named cudi


Whatever way you want to break it down, Untitled is Nas' best in years and this year (well, behind Rising Down). While he didn't kill shit, he's holding things down. "Queens Get That Money". "this that nigga shit thats on the album." Repeat all day. "America" gets better by each verse. "If I could I travel to the 1700's I'd push a wheel barrow full of dynamite through your covenant." "Sly Fox" still gets me. It took me a minute to realize Nas' reasoning for making the song, peep the third verse. Wish there was another diary entry on "Testify". I still need to cop it too.


Wale's got talent. He be saying some shit, um-kay. And those subtle, sly metaphors are always cool with me. I cannot deny the The Mixtape About Nothing's breadth however, there's something about him that doesn't excite me or turn me on. Maybe it's the "stream of consciousness" flow or that annoying twang in his voice. The content on the tape is all respect but sometimes I don't agree with him or what he's saying isn't revolutionary--I've felt like "Kramer" or "Artistic Integrity" before he made the tracks. BUT I guess he's one of the few put on that are keeping it real.

artistic integrity I kramer I crazy


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