Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Black & White

From It Was Written until Untitled, Nas kills a record or kills a record--there's a difference. I love it or hate. Lately, it's been hate. When I use "hate" I don't mean I cannot stand it but rather I'm not moved by it at all. I feel Nas should be, with his prowess, connecting to me every time out. He doesn't though and I'm left not feeling most of his songs after a few listens. If Nas is limited to one verse, he'd could beat Jay and Lupe. I'm in his corner but then I'm not. Hip Hop Is Dead? I can remember like four records off that.

Now comes the Nigger controversy. Part of me feels like it was his own conspiracy to get folks to rally around him. We all know that Nigger was never going to be seen on shelves. No mind. I admire his new title even more, Untitled. You know, freedom of speech being obliterated. Going off the songs that have leaked (not yesterday's 6/7 songs), he's on track again. I don't think he's killing records at the clip he used to but he's going in. In this day in age that says a lot. The subject he's offering has to be completely on point for me to consider it a success. So when some songs don't rub me the right way they get trashed. Call it picky and sensitive. Blame Nas for biting off something he couldn't chew, er, spit.

The Black
"Hero", "Esco Let's Go", "Sly Fox" and "N.I.G.G.E.R." I fucks with them. Nas breezes through very freely. "N.I.G.G.E.R." didn't hit initially but it's relaxing and lovely to hear him blast some facts.

The Gray (because I haven't heard these yet)
w/ chris brown game the world go round I queens get that money I were not alone I you cant stop us now I testify I america I breathe I nigger hatred I w/ busta rhymes fried chicken

The White
"Black President", "Mike Tyson", "Be a Nigger Too" and "Fried Chicken" are booty. They sound patronizing to black folk. The content is in the right direction but they fail as songs. Boring. Nas and concept songs are _____.


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