Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Mr. Me Too: The DJ Sent This To Me

Photographer Says, "Yo, Chip, I, er, the fans need a nut shot angle."

Peep this new track because every other blog has it on their site. Even if you don't know who these cats is.

I mean I coulda just posted it my damn self because DJ EV sent it to me. Thanks for the email EV (for real, sarcasm aside). Shouts to 8tyeeight for letting me know. BUT if you actually want to "stream" it, you gotta go to IllRoots. Yeah, it's kind of a bitch to have to go through 3 different blogs to download something nowadays. I don't want to get caught niether does 8tyeeight, so IllRoots can take the blame. Damn, RIAA!!!!


At 9:44 PM, Anonymous PFunk said...

Who are you?


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