Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I know I been hating on Skyzoo lately. A good number of his joints after Corner Store Classic have made me stare at the wall and grunt, especially his features. Surfing the net like usual led me to these two recent videos. Of the people who've been atop my radar for a few years, Skyzoo has been the only one who hasn't kept his name aflame and I've been wondering what dude has been up to. Like did his rhymes catch a cold or did the snare destroy his pen? Good to hear he's working on his debut Salvation; will drop a mixtape soon; and is writing every day. Catch Video 2 while Sky rhymes poetic. BET gave Skyzoo the mic? No more Yung Bergs to exploit for one songs I guess.

PS: Why do I keep on seeing the same video (e.g. Jeezy's "Put On"), the same story (e.g. Rick Ross being crooked (no I)) and the same songs that "drop in their inbox" (e.g. Mickey Factz leaks). On. Every. Blog. Ahem, stop blogging...


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