Friday, August 15, 2008

It's his Jeremiah Wright

Royce is like the 10th rapper I look for these days. Isn't that something? I usually forget about him when I think of my favorites; and more so it seems the blogs respect the dude as well yet underrate him. With Bar Exam 2 coming in 10 days or so, I can't wait; it'll be the best mixtape this summer. That "I'm Me" flow he leaked a few months ago was the most vicious moment this summer by any rapper. And I thought Weezy* killed that beat. He had me when he admitted to being salty and beefing for no apparent reason. Game has beefs with everyone. Royce has beef with everyone including himself. That aggression is quite apparent throughout his work and is a plus. "Going Nutz" is another beauty. For 3 minutes his goes in. Royce somehow makes his voice an instrument. The way he finishes words, he adds an extra emphasis at the end. He enunciates every word and rarely cuts words off. Along with making the end of his words ring, the fact that he crams so many heavy bars together makes him that much better. So what if I don't understand what he says at times, Royce is a beast! "I'm the first one to spazz, yup, the last one to spit."


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