Thursday, August 14, 2008

This is a Lupe Post

Had to let Lupe know I still care. The remix was silly in the best possible way. Call me stupid for not getting Lupe's verse until a few weeks ago. "Didn't get those high grades/smoking so much too many high days/used to trip on my high tops/outer space flow like hi spak." Heard "Dope Boys"? Thanks for the line of the month "But you need blow to get your birthday wish." Heard the unreleased "Gangsta (Up in Here)"? This line made me pause for a sec until I got it, "I spit money like 3 7's". "So say somethin, the ambulance aint runnin, and Batman aint coming." LOL! So he's working on a remix to "Paris, Tokyo". Okay. The CRS album is on deck. Okay. "The Coolest" is getting a moving picture. Okay. LupEND will drop eventually. Okay. Unreleased material continues to leak from who knows where. Okay. Is there a moment when Lupe isn't killing everyone else?


At 9:06 PM, Anonymous Lu said...

Could you explain Lupe's verse on the remix to Everyone Nose cause the only thing I got from it was he was using high throughout the verse on a song about nose candy?


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