Thursday, August 07, 2008

Donny Goines' Gimmick

It's number 9, Donny. Gimmicks have taken over Rap these days. Weezy*s unabashed mixtapes to Crooked I's weeklys to Young Jeezy's drop every Tuesday until 9.2.02. Most of them quite creative yet become annoying fast. Case in point AC's 20 flows blog drop a while back. It was like mad creative. But, I have yet to unrar. it and listen to it. If he tries that gimmick again, he'll catch an L for it in my book. Turn to Donny Goines. Now, I haven't watched all of these but the initial idea is amazingly simple: post up on a block and bring in an underground NYC emcee, then press record. Love the no beat too. I could see this continuing for a quite a bit. "It seems like the more you wanna be mes right, the more that I realize I don't need hype," ouch Skyzoo. Donny says,"Money talks but that's not my language" and that's what it's all about.


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