Monday, September 22, 2008

The Shit Fool!

Wow. I cannot recall hearing someone this mean and vulgar before for a whole mixtape. Does he spit a line that doesn't intend to end up cutting a jugular? Me likey but me scared that Royce has split personalities that'll destroy anyone. It's a little similie heavy like Lil' Wayne. Royce fucking with Auto-Tune on "We Deep" was weird but then he does it again and again. The fad engulfs everybody except Common, Term or Apathy (awkward, if appropiate, diss that SLU flow was). I could talk about every song on here too. And I swear I'm still picking up on little lines every listen. BEST MC/MIXTAPE OF THE YEAR.

Sidenote: If you get a kick out of Royce and his beefs as much as I do try mock battles. Recently, me and this unnamed rapper having been trading bars (we need bars, Cory!) on Facebook walls. I get to play Joe Buddens; he plays that bum Royce (I'm in character now). In real life, I love Buddens but damn if Royce would kill him right now. Hear what Joe Buddens has to say.*Crossing fingers that Joe Buddens accidently steps on Bar Exam 2 on a YouTube video*

AND Damn, I should have seen him last weekend!!!


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