Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lewd Conduct: Hell Rell

how you wanna do it
i got a ruger for every glock
niggas cant eat i put a shooter on every block
the dice game over air it out with the tec
rawberry nigga who made money off side bets
listen hear i got this thing sold
fthfthfthfth thats my ringtone
and is my website
send a couple shots at ya chest what that vest like
tell me nigga can it stop hollows
popped a hundred bottles...
i find a bitch fuck the bitch then i forget the bitch...
im whippin the benz parkin the bike...
i was grinding way before them clipse dudes...
go ahead and bring the dog im poppin at the pitbull (pop pop pop)...
im thinking palm trees this nigga thinking pine trees (is he stupid)...
i will sniper you down rifle you down
and you wonder why the homies aint liking you now
you screaming that jesus shit
where's ya bible now
go get ya gun we got assualt rifles now...

"Young, Gifted & Strapped" is quintessential Hell Rell. Try to contradict Hell on his claim of having a ruger for every glock. I did once and he proved it to me by showing me his trunk. I guess it goes without saying that since he has shooters on every block, dice games will be shot up; it's a natural occurrence. But I think he says he airs dice games out because Hell is a crazy motherfucker that doesn't give a shit, hence his previous incarceration. So that's how he got locked up? The line that makes this song lewd is his ring tone. I want that sound, whatever it is. Is that even a sound? "Fthfthfthfth!" And his website plug is great, "". Check it out though, he's got stills of him and his ruger in provocative positions. His bravado continues as he fires at someone's chest. Hell has the childish audacity to ask him "what that vest like?" It's like Hell, 'you shot me in the chest, I'm dead.' They say criminals never grow up, hmmm sounds right. He has relations with women and then disposes like he has amnesia. His rugerosterone rises. Before Clipse? So Hell's been grinding since the days of the book of Rugeronemy? More shots are fired. "im thinking palm trees", so he's on vacation with Killa?

Hell Rell doesn't lie. He is the "The New Gun in Town". I wonder why Ruger Rell hasn't moved out West, you know, where he could start his own city, Rugerville, where shootouts are like a televised game show.

This song gives life and meaning to those who are passionately in a state of disregard. As silly as Ruger Rell sounds, I'm sure more than a few subscribe, and worse, practice Rugerisms.


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