Monday, June 25, 2007

T.I. tells MTV's Sway All

"Hell yeah the album directed towards Ludacris. What you thank, homeboy? I'm a bitch or somethin'? Like I can't say someone's name? Muthafucka I am T.I.! You betta know the name playboy, else I am 'bout beat you in the middle of the street. I mean 'Cris wanna talk 'bout he say she say but on the real, on the real real, I'm a go say it: I'm talkin' to you 'Cris. Shit, catch me a case on this shit. Check it out homeboy, last album, The Kang, I went ahead and say what I had to say. Pussy, bitch I'm talkin' to you!" T.I. told MTV reporter Sway this afternoon after reportedly getting into an alterication with Ludacris' manager, Chaka Zulu, over the weekend. T.I. supposedly punched Chaka Zulu in the face.

"For real? You askin' me pimp? Muthafucka I tells it like this: that boy T.I.P. did that. I told y'all T.I ain't about none of that fishy bidness. The battle is raging muthfucaka... T.I. vs T.I.P. in stores July 3rd. Catch up with that!" T.I. continued to answer Sway's questions with, "You gotta ask T.I.P. and no I ain't got his numba!" Later T.I. continued to open up about the alterication, "Nah but he [Ludacris] had it comin'. He go ahead and do that "War with the God" shit and he wanna act like ain't nothing poppin'. Somebody need to tell him T.I. gots big shits poppin'."

Sway asked T.I. if "Watch What You Say to Me" a recently leaked record off T.I. vs TIP, was directed at Ludacris, "You stupid? Man, do I have to say his name. E'rybody know I'm talkin' 'bout 'Cris... "I hear what you say in your song, some of it, I don’t like". Let that be a message to 'Cris: watch what you say to me partna! And I'll even get to it before you ask me: "You Know What It Is" also is at 'Cris. I got that one line where I says I'm mad about losin' the Grammy to 'notha dude. 'Cris didn't deserve that. That "Runaway--shit he betta run away when I pull out that tool. You see that shit Sway? Sway know what the bidness is MTV! See 'Cris know what it is when T.I.P. in the building. That's why I made "You Know What It Is", because how I feel is you betta know what it is when the boy T.I. rockin' the crowd. Matter of fact, the whole album, T.I. vs T.I.P. is goin' at 'Cris. Check "Tell Em What I Said". I lay it out play simple and plain ain't no games here betta go to Milton Bradley for that shit. It's like I dare you to tell 'Cris what I said because I meant it. We can tussle in the street or in the sides of yachts cowboy! "Touch Down" is a diss too. I'm up 7 nothin' bitch and I'm hongry, I'm offensive minded cat daddy! Hell, "Show It To Me" with Nelly is goin' right at 'Cris' insecurities, like I'm tellin' him I'm hearin' all this jive, you nah I'm sayin', and I don't believe it, so it's like 'Cris: show it to me, ya dig? "We Do This" is tellin' 'Cris and that whole DTP thang like--we Grand Hustle pimp--I mean you got Chingy and we got Mac Boney. Who you take in a battle Sway? Lastly "Help Is Coming" is just pickin' up the pieces of Hip Hop that 'Cris broke."

T.I. ended the interveiw by telling Sway, "If 'Cris want it, I tell T.I.P. next time I see him to slap the pussy off his face 'stead of his manager. Let this be a warnin' to all y'all, if you wanna run up on T.I. or throw a water balloon on stage at TCU at T.I., betta know that T.I.P. gon do somethin' 'bout it; he's "Raw" and "Da Dopeman"!"


At 12:01 AM, Blogger 911 said...

Can't B real...Say it is though?????

At 9:12 AM, Anonymous enigmatik said...

You betta wha whu you say ta me!

At 11:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man this shit is authentic, I heard it on MTV 2...911 go look for it...It shocked the shit out of me...


At 1:05 AM, Anonymous complexone said...

what the fuck is wrong with this dood? Now we are suppose to be scurred of a 130 pound "gangsta" with multiple personalities? Shut the hell up Clifford!!! What a moron.


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