Monday, July 09, 2007

How I began to be Major

Back in 2004 I rarely searched the web. I had never looked at a blog. I was half heartedly into rap. I still did P2P networks for listens. I remember getting Eminem’s last CD, Encore, and being irked; it really was that bad. I thought: the state of rap is wack! Encore made me not want to buy CDs anymore.

My brother has always turned me onto music. I owe most everything to him. From P to UGK to Nas, he has always introduced Rap music to me before anyone else. He’s been into Southern music for as long as I can remember and he’s more into Gangsta rap for that matter. I remember hearing of all these unknown fools he’d be playing in his room: Paul Wall, Slim Thug, Chamillionaire, T.I. etc. It never dawned on me when seeing BET or MTV or other people talk about them, that I’d heard of these songs from months to a year ago.

I grew weary of Rap years ago, probably since 2001. Coincidently, that is when I heard my first Techno song. Ahem, I refer to it as Vocal Trance though. Just Google DJ Mystik and you’ll know what I’m talking about. I went nuts on this music and in ’04, after I had exhausted P2P networks, I found a forum, that had everything Vocal Trance I could think of. And they had downloads to whole CDs of artists. I fell in love quick. Months passed and Game’s Documentary dropped. Then 50’s Massacre dropped. I checked both of them out through these forums. As the months passed in early ’05 I soon started coming back to rap. The only thing I was bumping then was Paul Wall and Slim Thug. My bro introduced me to BNDH, Jeezy, DFB and D4L.

The first thing I’ll take complete credit for is D4L. In retrospect I feel stupid saying this but when nobody is on the cat you’re on, they are tight. Trust me. I put my circle of friends onto D4L’s “Laffy Taffy”. In June ‘05, I couldn’t get enough of it. It was odd too, because I thought I was dumb or something getting all hyped for some “unknowns”. But flash forward a few months and I knew I had a penchant for knowing what’s hot (even though it quickly became wack). I still shake my Laffy Taffy, don’t get it twisted; I ain’t no gangsta, so I can dance.

The ’05 summer had led me back to Rap. Through, I hit the net. I soon realized you get practically anything you wanted, mixtapes, singles and albums… I swear it’s a conspiracy and the RIAA is behind it! Right around ‘05/’06 I turned my friends and my reluctant brother onto the blog/Rap forum scene. Around that time I was on Rick Ross, Dro and Joc hard and if my memory is correct, not many others were on them. Again, in retrospect, it’s not a huge deal because in some instances these dudes are crazy ridiculous.

All I’m saying is that I’m on my grind. I’m serious about calling myself The Major. I’ve got a laundry list of artists, wack or not, that I’ve been on before many people. Coming from Minneapolis, there isn’t a huge Rap scene (there’s a backpack Rap scene though) so like Southern artists get on their grind, I do the same to ensure I hear the latest records. Let’s be honest, I get ups from a lot people and sites—I mean I thank DJ 31 Degreez, Drama, Smallz, Chuck T, Big Mike, DJ Burn One, all these DJS for putting me onto “unknowns—so, I’m not ungrateful. I’ve proved it to myself and others and this site over the last year that I know what to look for. was created for that reason, to push good music regardless of how much attention it receives.


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