Monday, July 09, 2007

Gucci Mane: Trap This!

What bidness does Gucci Mane have with T.I. on “What Kinda King? (I Smell Pussy)”? I guess he’s mad at T.I.’s ascension from the Trap to yachts and hanging out with Denzel. Or, that T.I. is claiming “Kang” when he don’t run the ATL.

Beefs are nothing new to Gucci Mane. He and Jeezy have had outs since “Icy” popped up two summers ago. Gucci may have clapped a member of Jezzy’s CTE but was exonerated later in the year without a lack of evidence. In hindsight, don’t we wish Gucci Mane murked Blood Raw or Slick Pulla? From Wikipedia (I know but I’m not a Gucci Mane historian) Jeezy’s line from “Streets On Lock” took the words out of my mouth, "What type a real nigga name himself after a bag / Nigga yous a hoe, a Louis Vutton fag."

So why T.I.? Well, one: exposure. It made me listen to Gucci Mane. Second: what does Gucci Mane have to lose, the “Kang” title? The hook repeats that T.I. is a pussy and accompanying sweating/panting sound effects are a nice touch. Through the song, Gucci takes aim at some of T.I.’s actions by asking “What Kinda King": wears leather pants at a birthday bash in the middle of the summer; fucks notorious sluts; sparks a beef yet apologizes days later on national TV (Ludacris… BET); rocks a 3 piece suits with cuff lainks; claims Bankhead more but is never seen in or around there. Between verses he provokes T.I. by attacking his stature, laughing “light weight, featherweight” and continues to chide T.I. with multiple uses of “pussy”. Next he lists his feats: paying a 100k bail the same day he released his album “Trap House” and having no deal, no money, no car to that show he’s real. On the last verse Gucci goes back at T.I.’s size, launching “little lizard” “Clifford JR aka the monkey in the middle” and “short”. He then commences to throw up on the track. And he’s not done: he claims T.I. wants to battle; hurls “schizophrenic child w/ a split personality”; tells “T.I. to tell T.I.P.” about this diss.

Gucci Mane’s merits are founded. T.I.’s trap talk is bullshit, at least nowadays; from my knowledge he isn’t from Bankhead; that “Sorry” was a pussyism 101; I can believe the leather pants (He’s a Rock Star now, LOL!); the stabs at T.I.’s lifestyle is legit—how do you expect to do a JT track and retain your image?—and the attacks at T.I.’s toy soldier figurine size is good albeit an easy target. The aspect that surprised me was that Gucci was recently signed to what I thought was TVT but in fact was Atlantic, the same label as T.I. As refreshing as Gucci’s beef track was—he said your name T.I.!!!—I found myself laughing at Gucci Mane too.

Remember: Jeezy, with “Icy”, Boyz N da Hood and “And Then Whut”, flew the Trap coop and made it big. In part because of the murder situation, Gucci Mane was left behind. There have been some Gucci tracks over the years that have kept my interest for a few moments—most notably “My Chain”—but for the most part, Gucci is like this close (THIS CLOSE!) to being stamped with a crazy ridiculous. On Ice Attack he referred to himself as Snoop or Rakim… how about Bert or Ernie? I thought for a sec today ‘what if Gucci was in Jeezy’s place? He could be on top right now!’ Jeezy is hella straight; there are moments I’ve had enough of Jeezy and there are moments I’m glad Jeezy was on the track. If Jeezy didn’t have beats at times, I’d screech “Eek!” Plus, with the late start, Gucci is soon to be on his third album in three years. I know Gucci does not equal quality but still, he must be doing something right? When I sat on my ponderings, I realized I would be giving Gucci a helping hand in saying he is a poor man’s Jeezy. Ah, yeah, it’s worse than that. While I don’t hate Gucci, I wonder why he raps at times. It’s like what’s his conviction? But he said it himself: “I make drug dealer music”.

And T.I. can use these if he wants to…

Gucci Mane’s lips are blacker than purple.

Gucci Mane does iron his lips.

You cannot cook chickens on Gucci’s lips as the temperature of his lips are 500 degrees and it will burn.

Fragments of Gucci Mane’s lips are in the Gucci bags sold on Canal St. in New York.

Since his chain has “pneumonia” than his lips have gangrene.

Gucci Mane’s lips contain the same material as volcanic ash.

When homies smoke, Gucci Mane’s mouth is the ash tray.

People burn rubber on Gucci Mane’s lips. (Don’t get it? Think hard, hard!)


At 2:13 PM, Blogger said...

Sorry homie, but anyone who knows about gucci mane, know that that is not his voice sorry! FAKE BEEF.

At 2:51 PM, Blogger The Major said...

it sounded like gucci to me... i guess there may be a few moments where i questioned its authenticity but then again, like i said, i'm not a gucci historian.

if its not him, i still thought it was funny (on both ends)

At 8:12 PM, Blogger 1980 said...

"Gucci Mane does iron his lips" LMAO!!!

At 1:01 PM, Anonymous Grinchy said...

how you gone write about some shyt you don't know nothing about? Have YOU ever been on Bankhead? or ANY hood?....Then u claim to know WHY Gucci did what he did....SHUT THE FUCK UP and talk what you KNOW. Not what anutha internet fag tol ya.

At 1:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

and dat IS Gucci he just not as high as usual.

At 1:35 PM, Blogger The Major said...

calm down grinchy... part of this site is exploring shit I don't know or never will... does that mean I can't say what I want?

it seems your mad with my assumption of TI not being from Bankhead. If there's one thing that's certain Rappers lie about a lot of things OR they're just rapping about someone they know.

Are YOU from Bankhead?


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