Tuesday, July 24, 2007


These internet thugs are territorial about their links. Stop the threats. I ain’t gonna change. Bootlegging will exist with or without me or you; you can’t stop it. Really the downloading game is like the spread of a bacterial disease, because some of it is actually bad (See: Hot Mess) and it may make you stupider. What’s wrong with sharing? I give you a silent thanks for upping the shit first, no doubt. But so what if I jack your link, you should be flattered. Shit, I get so weak in the knees every time I see my links jacked on these forums. I’m glad that the music I get, up and spread is heard multiple times. This administrator threatened to kick me off the site because I took someone’s link and upped it so it could be heard—like I’m gonna re-up it if it’s currently working?

And then these fucking bloggers think they special: you ain’t shit! You’re an impotent prick with time on your hands who, besides jacking off to porn, and you hit the OVER 18 button although you’re 17 and 7 months, likes to act tough through the internet. And this isn’t at any of the cats I know, this is at some other sites I patronize. You’re not tough. Let me remind you: you still attend school, you live with your parents and you’ve never gotten into a fight (well, maybe a
fruit fight). You spell in incorrect English but you keep that B on your report card on the low. So don’t call yourself 187KiLLa on these message boards.

Quit the jealousy. I consolidate links. That’s the best way to hear a wide range of artists from different regions. Forget getting all gushy because you were the first one to put up some new Dick Pulla. And too I really don’t care if you just post links—talk about the music you’re preaching! Show how much you know.

Like I said before: it ain’t like you get these links directly from the artist or are connected to them!

I still believe these leaks are a conspiracy by major record labels. Why does everything get ripped? And how? Seems like 10 to 14 days before an official drop, the bootleg is online. Even the mixtapes get jacked before they’re technically “out”. I don’t trust the RIAA. They leak the shit and then point the finger at the fans for weak record sales. This ain’t 1999, there’s no Nelly, no NSync, Britney or Backstreet Boys! Y’all just pissed because you can’t make more money and people aren’t buying into Da Shop Boyz and DFB.

Weezy* is not the best rapper alive. He’s had his share of KiLLa tracks over the last few years yet he’s had even more terrible songs out too. So stop dick riding. Peep his listens over at DatPiff and you’ll see every tape is in the 25k for listens—they have the same tracks? That goes for y’all T.I. dick riders too—that album was wacker than finding out that Ne-Yo is straight. And I’d tell Clifford to his face, right after I throw a water balloon at him. There are so many wack rappers getting love it’s just not cool anymore. You can dig the songs but just don’t believe it’s fiya!


At 11:44 AM, Anonymous enigmatik said...

This is why The Major is MAJOR!


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