Monday, August 27, 2007

"Like Ok Go"

Last week's shit.

Just to let you know when them Ye & 50 leaks come this weekend, I won't be posting them. The thinking goes: you'll get that Kanye anyways so you can wait another week and you won't even want to listen to that 50.

Joc's Hustlenomics... worst album ever! Beats are garbage and, although it's not a new fact, Joc can't rap. I was telling my dude, if Hustlenomics sells 250k off of this weak effort and promotion, I'll go out and buy it.

On a side note on Joc's album, Game is so salty over Mya saying no to his date request, "If Hip Hop was a building I'd set it on fire and leave everybody to burn except Mya. Now fuck you bitch I'd rescue all my niggas and let em fuck you bitch."

And the winner for most superfulous actor in a rap DVD beefs goes to... Gillie!!! This dude's been practicing.

That Deep Hearted didn't qutie hit like I thought it would. Strong Arm Steady's sampler a few months ago was cool. But nothing that I hadn't heard was worth repeat. And way too many people on the album... ain't y'all already 3 deep!?!

Crooked I goes hard again on Jay's "Blueprint 2", "and then I fuck a snow bunny just to mass produce."

When Khaled says "We the best! Who? We nigga! We the best!" it still sounds awk-ward! Cool video though...

Even though that Shesus Khryst was old, Remy still that girl (or that dude)...

It's interesting how the Shop Boyz' "Rock Star" caught on and Montana's "Rock On" didn't. Even though both of these songs came out around the same time, Montana's now sounds like "Rock Star's" retarded step child.

Kiotti was mad at his album getting leaked!?! We give him the Nelson Muntz.

And (take a deep breathe) T-Pain week continues (and release)...


At 3:58 PM, Blogger The Major said...

singles tracks:
big shug royce term signapore kane play it remix
cons ye dont forget em remix
crooked i blueprint 2 wk 21
esoteric term incredible hulk rap
fab cassidey g walk
graffiti boyz yankin
lupe ghostface mike shinoda spray piant (old)
nore kill a man flow
prodigy i know
raekwon ice cream (old)
remy ma fresh
strong arm steady black thought saukrates clean up
weezy bandana on the right side
yung joc game jim jones cut throat
yung joc snoop rick ross brand new


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