Monday, August 20, 2007

"You 'posed to sucker punch a sucker"

Here's some shit form last week.

The 50 vs Kanye shit is getting annoying. Kanye will win. 50 won't retire. And finally as much as I think cats will go and buy Graduation (like 850k first week!!!) I think he'll struggle to go multi-platinum. I don't know, it's just as the months go on, the internet, and weak albums altogether, will deaden the essence of the album.

This shit is crazy ridiculous because for one, I don't understand a word she says but I can't stop listening to it.

What's the word on that Question ?

Crooked I comes again with an alright shot at Freeway's "Big Spender". But I think he's made his point... on with an album or something. I just have this feeling that he'll get stale sooner rather than later.

Remy's mean, "Dismiss Joeeeey, now I call him Spritn cuz that motherfucka phony".

Do I dare mention that Papoose is coming with another mixtape. "I told you so! Cuz he ain't comin out like that."

Where's Nore been? And what kind of promotion is he getting if he's already dropping next Tuesday?

Stop going over "I Get Money". Unless you're the first two or three dudes that release a flow, I advise you not to. And too, unless you go into the booth and are determined to make yours better than the original, um no, go home!

Note to rappers: You can wear beaters if you're sexy i.e. Omarion. If you own a pair of man titties, don't rock a beater or better yet, make it sure it does not go public. Watch for "
Mr. What It Does" Khaled and Slick Pulla.

Havoc was funny but he should have directed his angst towards 50 (insert Joell "awww man").

I saw a Riz video a few months ago and liked it. Never heard of him before but he sounds okay so far...

That Soulja Boy "Yuuuuuugh" sounds reminiscent to an old man groaning because of his enlarged prostate.


At 8:23 PM, Blogger The Major said...

august 20 singles tracks:

bizzy trae thug til i die
chaundon skyzoo torae 3 kings
crooked i big spender
davide banner so special
eazy e we want eazy
kanye weezy* barry bonds
mia boyz
mil nextel chirp
nelly wadsyname
nore stonger/cant tell me nothing flow
papoose take chances (fully loaded clip flow)
peedi crakk cassidy qtip my hood so greasy
rhymesfest little brother t3 get plugged
riz man on fire

At 11:48 PM, Anonymous Mally said...

that Nore is cool (beat wise)...and i think more rappers are gonna use that as a freestyle beat...Nore isnt as nce as heused to be in 98 and that southern dude he had who said "have it your way like a whopper"

At 11:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the souther dude was not mrs rottschafer!!! WEEZY!!!


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