Monday, September 24, 2007

"I came to blow my mind out... I'm put you on time out"

This last week.

Crook's "Imagine" flow did it again "Just waited on these similies and fly metaphors to help me overcome my poor credit score..."

Mistah Fab v Royce
Shit was pretty weak. I mean we really don't need freestyling all together let alone major artists watering down their presence. I can understand why both chose to participate because they need the exposure. Fab won no doubt, in part becaue Royce didn't get the message that this was a freestylish event. Royce just needs to put his time into some projects now instead of wasting rhymes at getting at Em for a silly event such as this.

Question Tha Block

Question & Co. We From SA

Termanology So Amazing
Not my favorite from Term, it is a little light from what I expect out of Term's mouth, but I'll take it. The vid is pretty ill though, I'm liking the old footage.

Prodigy got dropped like a pair of jeans with no belt buckle. Part 1 & Part 2. (Aww-man.)

I'll cut Pap a little slack for the Jive-turkey ass wack music he been putting out the last few months. Only time will tell if he ever come outs, like another mixtape. (Aww-man.)

Jay-Z's "Blue Magic"
Like what everybody else is saying... Jay starting to resemble NFL Kicker Morten Anderson (stop coming back). It's not that "Blue Magic" is bad but more drug rhymes? The song sounds like some polished Jeezy or Rick Ross rhymes.

That Styles joint is smooth "I don't need a car to be coastin..." and someone needs to tell Swizzy this ain't a dance joint: stop yellin' "showtime!"

Weezy* & Yeezy
I'm sure you've seen this already but if you haven't the Weezy* impersonation rhymes are uncanny. "birdman, i love makin up words man... i lost my mickey mouse socks in the hurricane... sometimes i pick up a magazine or a tabloid or a tambourine... back on the road to louisiana im far away from home like alabama, im even further than that like atlanta... i start break dancing when i take acid... you gon look like birdman after surgey"

Clipse, Gillie & Pharrell
Another jab worth laughing at... "im not gon rap, im just gon dance... crank dat doo doo stank"


At 8:11 PM, Blogger The Major said...

september 24 singles:
50 cent diddy jay z i get money (remix)
btnh wildin
crooked i imagine wk 25
j holiday jd chingy fab busta plies bed (super remix)
jay z blue magic (good version)
jay z flashy lights (green mix)
kanye trick daddy i cant say no (graduation leftover)
nyoil free the jena 6
papoose law library 4
papoose stylin on you
styles swizzy blow my mind
young chris weezy* how we roll

At 9:05 AM, Anonymous enigmatik said...

c'mon Major..."Blue Magic" is dope! um, no pun intended?


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