Monday, September 03, 2007

"Let em hate though, I'm on my way to the bank, LMAO!"

This last week was solid.

Chris Brown's "Kiss, Kiss" (featuring you know who, T-Pizzle).

I'm not feeling Bishop's new shit, are you? Just expected him and Dre to come different... and harder.

That Alicia Keys "No One" is... words cannot describe.

I am a 50 cent hater. 250k the first week is low. But I love to hate him. And how about that... the Curtis leak being tampered with. Version's are either clean or have skips or are part explicit. It was funny to hear friends get mad at it. Will that mean people will just buy it? Let's hope not.

Drag-On released an album? Who let him do that?

Scrappy's "Beat It" could have been iller. I've never had a problem with Scrappy but he has yet to really make moves within the South. He's still just one of them dudes.

Nice to see Scarface still going.

If you're a Skyzoo fan check his new song/flow. I can't wait until some one rips it. For a clear version go here and scroll down on his playlist.

And some updates from the man Ology.

Lupe's coming... "Them big words ain't cool"

Joell in the studio...


At 3:00 PM, Blogger The Major said...

alicia keys no one
bishop lamont feeling it
bishop lamont stat quo shade sheist nun lights out
dream fab shawty is a ten remix
ja rule ashley joy body
juelz fab jeezye cassidy im a boss blend
lupe dumb it down
riz how we play
scarface never
scrappy beat it
scrappy get your hustle on
smif n wesson joell ortiz stomp
term cons talib express yourself 08
young jeezy usda weezy* duffle bag boy remix
weezy* busta cant tell me nothing flow


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