Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Statik Selektor Spell My Name Right

Statik got a label release for a legit mixtape and his debut is much like DJ Khaled's supermix albums. Even though it's a good, easy listen, it's abrupt brevity is irritating; rappers spit and the beat ends. The potential of extending the songs is not through the roof but it would have made the mix more pleasurable. The short tracks kill "Back Against the Wall" with Royce and Cormega at 2:33 and "The Good Life" by MOP at 1:06. As it stands it's Statik handles all the production on the mixtape and entertains. The features run thin (i.e not many heavy weights/heavyweight performances) yet offers a wide range of usually unseen mixtapers. As much as I thought this mix was the bomb explosive, there are only a few song worth repeat. And Statik Selektah sure is lucky he knows Termanology who rescues the mix at times over his seven appearances.

Stop Look Listen - Styles.Term.Q Tip
SPMNR's best track, beat and collabo. Styles, "Getting mad high watching Kill Bill." "They aint want to stop look and listen til they locked in prison." Q's verse is the best on the tape, "These are like toddlers...this is your pops edition... stop the episode before you get exposed... look with a humble eye don't look like a fucking dunce... you're like mac truck playing chicken with buick."

Talk To Me - Jon Hope.Reks.Skyzoo
The Marvin Gaye sample accompanied by the drumline is sweet and all three deliver solid verses.

Punch Out - Big Shug
The lead in to the track has Clinton Sparks speaking about Mike Tyson's Punch Out and he mentions that Big Shug would have been a great character. The beat, if you remember the game, is enough on its own. Shug adds his rugged 2 cents.

Express Yourself - Term.Talib.Cons
The straight beat jack definitely helps and Term was so close to going off. Talib's verse hits, "I tear it down like renovation."

No Mistakes Allowed - Doug E.Fresh.Tony Touch.Scram Jones.Esoteric
The throwback appeal of this song is completely captured although the track is bogged down by too much scratching.

G Shit - Uncle Murda.Sev One.Term.Jadakiss
Quite an average track that turns okay because all four offer some decent material and the beat is on point.

Big Dreamers - Reks
Never heard of Reks before (I guess he's been missing from Rap for seven years) but he gives another smooth performance.

6 In the Morning - Joell Ortiz.Kool G Rap.Sheek
Over hyped. Well, not really but with Joell on the track, you'd expect better. All three struck out with their verses. Or maybe the beat set them up to fail. Sheek and his "silver back gorilla" shit is tiring.

statik selektah spell my name right
statik selektah spell my name right


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