Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Watching Them Thangs!

Kanye West Good Morning

DJ Khaled I'm So Hood Remix
Dude over @ the Smoking Section goes off on this video.

Saigon Come On Baby
Sai's album got the push back... I guess there's a new mixtape coming soon to tide us over.

Even Wu-Tang's 8 Diagrams is getting the push back while Rick Ross is trying to push Trilla out on the 18th... do I hear a flop?

I really wasn't feeling that Caltroit tape. Maybe b/c it was chalk full of unknowns (to me) from both Cali and Detroit.

Did anyone actually listen to Jim Jones' American Gangster tape? If so, are you okay.

Did anyone actually listen to Cam's Public Enemy #1? Me! Cam's back... back at making his "computer putin" music. Does he really think he did the game service with 40 tracks of the same song?

I heard the boy Cassidy's new shit was tridash (no Oscar).

Why is Royce mad at Mistah FAB? Damn, Royce is so salty. I still need to listen to Royce's "Who Got Bodied" but after listening to FAB's 11 minute kniving of Royce da 5'3" with " C.I.A.
", the unplanned rematch goes to FAB.

I guess Ransom is still barking. Even though I've been told to give his two new disses at Joey, I don't think I'll ever listen to a Ransom track again. Yeah, Joey did him that bad.

Sean Price Good Fellas/Jackass # 2
"Get slapped with the anvil."

Nas Game Hustlers
Yo, B, this track is like mad old son. Why the Boston jersey, Nas?

50 Cent Akon I Still Kill
The only okay song from Curtis.

Flo-Rida T-Pain Low
I'm still wondering what people see in this song? This is why people hate the South and Rap right now.


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fuck you


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