Sunday, December 23, 2007

Question Signed Hype: You Need This

That boy Question just released another mixtape via his MySpace page and it's filled with his usual flare: banging, original beats backed with his overconfident (it's not always a bad thing though) Eastern/Southern fusion flow. For most Question fans, like myself, I don't mind; while in the past he had yet to show immense growth, he always comes correct. He's still as personal as ever, funny and offers a lot of bars. But he does retread waters on a few tracks or so and his rhymes aren't as concise as they could be. However on here he's showing enough flashes to be taken seriously and he's going in the right direction as he gets ready for his album debut. Singed Hype is easily 15 tracks deep, which should say a lot.

Signed Hype opens with his "
Dynasty" flow. While it's not the best "Dynasty" flow ever, Question is on point with his pen, "Like I slept my first year in Machiavelli's cradle... with a constant flow ya inner ear submerged in ice and liquid... pen create attention."

Hi-Tek provides Question "
Bang" that lets him show his worth. "I never fall off like 'are you okay?'... a soul machine goin crazy like I'm Cee-Lo."

On "
Rock N Roll" Question sounds so in the zone, as if he's wailing a solo on a guitar but he's on a mic.

Check the beat on "
That Boy Bad"; catch his Texas attitude on "Fly Way"; hear him go political over a sick Pink Floyd sampled "No Education"; and his drug addicted "Feeling Is Gone", "all hope is severed".

Plus, if you've been missing for part of this year, the tape still contains his collabo with Weezy* "Fantasy" and his single with Bun B and Sean Kingston "Ridin So Slow".


At 6:37 PM, Blogger ab23 said...

Please put up a new and better website for the new Lupe Fiasco album...thx.

At 6:40 PM, Anonymous mjthedealer said...

u were right Maj... question? has def improved since his las tape... i have a feelin dude is gunna blow in '08


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