Friday, January 04, 2008

Awards & Bullshit

The What The Fuck Do I Actually Do Award: DJ Khaled
The All That's In My Vocabulary Is "WE THE BEST", "Maimi", "Dade County", "305" etc Award: DJ Khaled

The This Ain't Even My Crew And I Spent 65k On This Shit Award: DJ Khaled

The 'The Fuck He Talking About' Award: Royce
Sorry Lupe & Ghostface, y'all actually make sense after a while.

The I Talk About My Daughter Way Too Much Award: Term and Ransom (tie)

The Most Beautifulest Shag Haircut Award: Tum Tum

The Busta Rhymes Award: NORE
Also known as The Worst Comeback of the Year Award.
The I Bet He's Eating Top Ramen As We Speak Award: NORE

The Nas Award: Juvenile and Too Short (tie)
Also known as The Is He Still Rapping Award.

The Jay-Z & R. Kelly Award: Fat Joe & Weezy*
Also known as The Most Anticipated Duet Album That'll Be A Train Wreck Award.
The Don't They Remind You Of Chris Farley and David Spade Award: Fat Joe & Weezy*

The Most Irrelevant Beef Award: Mistah Fab vs Royce

The Best Body Slam By a Rapper Award: Akon


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