Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Chi Stays on Top

The Midwest (Chicago/Detroit/Cleveland) deserves to be heard. While Chi straight rules the game right now, other Midwest outposts are doing their things under the radar. Ye, Com and Lupe ruled '07, so why shouldn't Chi's second tier of talent give us some good music (no Kanye)?

rhymefest el che
I've been formally waiting for quite some time for this one. Fest only put out a few joints leaked last year but that was more than enough to hold me over. His Man in the Mirror MJ tribute tape was pretty weak though and sort of pointless; if you're going to put out a tape, do a real one--don't give me 6 real songs that are 2:45 minutes long! But whatever. I may not agree with Fest on all of his points but that's what I like about him: he's consciously boisterous.

kidz in the hall the in crowd
I have yet to give their '06 shit a listen but from the little I've have heard from these cats--it's looking like a underground gem. And their first single "Drivin Down the Block
" has a great throwback feel, that not immediately is tight to me but I'm sure it'll grow on me. Peep the details here. A "Drivin" remix with Pusha T and The Cool Kids? Sean P, Wale, Phonte too? Can't wait.

It's been a while since I heard dude on wax. He had a good tape with A-Trak and some good features with Kanye over the years. Is "Honor Me" going to lead to something. I don't know. I would like to hear from him again though.

Lupe said they're going in this year. WATCH OUT! This could get ugly (no Weezy*). I can't fathom Ye and Lupe on the same tracks. And I'd hope Pharrell would just make a few beats, and not rap so much, and let Ye do the beats. The possibilities are endless.

Lupe better keep is fucking word. Gemini is thee Midwest gangsta rap equivalent. With a helping hand (in Lupe and the FNF crew), Gemini could be a beast without walking on the ceiling (no X-men).

cool kids
They'll be out to build on their EP. I might get tired of the simplistic/one tracked 80's beats though.

eminem king mathers
I don't expect this especially considering the recent developments. I mean he probably weighs 95 pounds now. Plus once rappers leave, they rarely comeback at their previous form.

Bar Exam should be nice? I have been scratching my head on his recent shits. Let's hope Royce can begin to use these tapes as building blocks and stop burning bridges for no reason.

guilty simpson/detroit
I need to back track and give his Stray Bullets a listen and even his new shit. And I'm not about to act is if I'm about to rep D-Town but I dig their independent hustle.

mick boogie
The only relevant DJ as of '08. And he should continue offering personal mixtapes to us en mass and for free.


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