Saturday, January 19, 2008

Return to form

While I channel the New York's philosophy multiple times a day, well act as if I do, '08 won't be a comeback, unless there's another 4th quarter comeback; the current era still reigns supreme.

az undeniable
I trust AZ; he's always produced in some form even if I hold expectations low. His "Undeniable" is just okay but I'll hold my judgements until I hear more. Will the poor man's Nas still have fire power? Um, probably enough to hold me over this spring.

nas nigger
Way too much controversy already, and there's no single out!?! As much as I still respect Nas, I swear he just needs attention with some of the things he does. I'd like to think Nas would build on his average efforts on his previous release but Nas isn't reliable to me anymore; I can't trust him.

saigon greatest story never told
I still don't believe his shit will get released even if he put them blog posts up. I was totally ready to give him my time if he had released the album in December--even cop it, like a concrete copy. But now I really don't know. I hope it's good but will anybody care?

joe budden padded room
Like we should believe Buddens on this one. Idea: We should do Buddens like Green lantern and leave him in a padded room for 3 hours and then he'll be ready (Styles P says "Don't leave Buddens in the green room!"). I think what's more important is that he officially release MM3. It'll act as no more than a form of exorcism; I mean he needs to try something right? Before we get gossiping about Padded Room, he has to sign first and we know how that process goes. I don't expect him until '09.

joell ortiz
Jimmy Iovine said it. Joell even said it. And now Bishop said it. Damn, how and why could Joell get dropped from Aftermath? Dre, anything? '08 was supposed to be Joell's year period. He was supposed to do this and that... Anybody got his e-mail because I want to send him a E-Hallmark "Keep Your Head Up" card?

sean price mic tyson
I haven't heard any word on this yet so who knows.

jay z
We all know he's bored. I mean look at him, he's not even wifing B; he retires but then unretires; he leaves Def Jam but where to? As a quasi-psychologist Jay is way non-committal meaning he's fearful; he may be suffering. He's a competitive jerk-off nonetheless and I can't wait until he renounces his desire to think about planning if he wants to possible write rhymes in his head again.

Since the announced albums look weak we look to the mixtapes we can expect.

As much as I'm hoping he gets on a major, I think he's one mixtape away from shining; '09 should be his year.

fab street mixtape
Can I speak for everyone when I say we'd really appreciate this one?

sha stimuli
I became a fan this past year of Stimuli. But one minute he can kill a beat and another minute he can stink it up. I'd like to dude release an independent album or a new (because I swear every mixtape I have of his is from '06 or '05), original production mixtape.

big lou
Here's another dude who needs to back up recent string of releasing song by packaging shit together and releasing a new mixtape.

papoose + meth
In my heart, and for the sake of real MCs, here's to hoping Papoose gets signed. With that said, he better not release another mixtape. As for Meth, it seems like he caught a second wind. Now could he can he come correct with a release?

My favorite part of '07 was realizing the East is much more than New York. The globalization of Rap has it's benefits: see below.

I can't wait for Hood Politics 6, if that's next in line. As with Skyzoo, I think Term's another mixtape away from releasing a major. But will Term get signed in today's majors? That's unlikely, and if he stays with ST his crew (production/hangers-on) they'll be fully capable--I don't doubt anything Term touches.

I caught onto dude late but he is one of my favorite rappers; he can make tying your shoe laces into a tight song. Although he's good, I haven't heard anything recently from him that I've been excited about. I like his practicality: he's highly relevant with in-house production and crew collabos. But that's what might kill his career. In Connecticut, the boons in a Rap world, can he succeed without leaving? I'm hoping he ventures out, or others lend him a hand, in order for him to fully realize his potential.

roots rising down
Game Theory was ill, so why shouldn't this be. I know they'll deliver something for me to chomp on for a good minute.

I'd group Bossman as I did Big Lou: release one new mixtape instead of random songs. I'd like to hear some underground Baltimore cats get some shine.

wale/tabi bonney
The DC, bama, DMV movement and the overly swagalicious thing is unique. Can Wale build on 100 Miles & Runnin and his connection with Mark Ronson? And can Tabi drop another hidden independent gem?

clipse/re-up gang
The bros have been quite long enough (one year). Volume 3 is supposed to be coming. Crossing fingers that coke isn't a large topic of conversations...


At 8:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i had to see legends like nas start using stunts just to get attension.... why just put out a real hip hop album instead hyping the shit up like 50 cent....


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