Tuesday, February 19, 2008

29 Days of Lupe Fiasco: Coolish Comics

I can see Michael Young History in color right now: going to the Hip-Hop shop to cop some threads; hanging around on the corner watching time fly, straight slangin’; and letting his little cousin play with his nine. Lupe has stated his desire to release a comic book series based on The Cool even if the readers will be well past their early 20s. Let me imagine the ongoing series with Lupe’s street denizens.

The Cool is a youngin hell bent on flying high and as he grows up, he begins to learn the wicked ways of the ascension. There could be so many back stories, prequels, to The Cool before he was gunned down and there could be a life after he re-emerges from the 6 feet. Given that The Cool is an anti-hero, there could plenty of twists of fate. The Street could take many forms but that elusive woman would be so sultry and there’d never be a consummating of the relationship (or it’d be slow to take place) like Peter Parker and Mary Jane. The Game would be a puppet and send his many goons (or fellow Cool members, think grotesque ghetto stereotypes) out to distract Michael Young History yet we’d never see his face like Dr. Claw in Inspector Gadget. There’d be three episodes I’d like to see play out:

A Biohazard: HIV
The Cool would be with his homies, just chilling, drinking etc. Tyrone, one of The Cool’s brethren, knows of this one party that bout to go down so they get ready. They get their E&J and Black & Milds, politic in the parking lot and commence a drive by en route to the party. The Cool, with his right hand all bone, isn’t getting any female takers half way in. While he’s shooting craps he spots this drunken redbone stumbling up the porch. A cock blocker enters his path (Zoinks!). He gives him a Szzzzaaw! courtesy of Batman. He follows her up the stairs and pushes her into a bedroom. He waves his pistol as she becomes even more disorientated. After he pistol whips her he turns her around and shags the unconscious, underage woman. It’s not until months and many episodes (and women) later that The Cool realizes he has HIV. Funny thing is, he’s already dead so it doesn’t affect him. “Oh, oh, oh, oh.”

Burn, Spliff, Burn
Mr. Smith, a Rastafarian bumbo-clot, is a big weed dealer. The Cool, being that his hustle skills aren’t major, still sells dime bags from out his broke down hoodrific ‘94 Acura Legend. See Mr. Smith been invaded homies territory and that ain’t right. The Cool got a lock on e’erythang past 110th, you dig! Plus he runs the under 18 crowd. So without realizing that Mr. Smith is his source, The Cool sets out to talk to him. Mr. Smith, looking all voodoo, laughs at his face. Dejected, The Cool decides to take out Mr. Smith. He assembles his crew and stakes out Mr. Smith’s Dance Hall. While this story would take many episodes to play out, eventually there’d be this shootout. With crews depleted and Pon-de Rivers ready to capture The Cool, he slips out the back to survive. One of his almost dying homies, Malik, whispers they were set up by this dude named The Game and that both The Cool and Mr. Smith were supposed to kill each other in this ordeal. The plot thickens. Will Mr. Smith and The Cool ever patch things up in order to kill a common enemy?

Back To School
The Game sends out his goons to deliver guns and petty drugs to every school aged kid once the beginning of the school year starts. Instead of notebooks, glue and pencils, the kid gets some Jordans (their unequally distributed to create angst), a faulty 6 shooter with 4 bullets and some skittles. The Cool’s little cousin gets this package without his knowing. While The Cool is like one of The Game’s goons, he doesn’t stand for little kids getting twisted, especially his own cousin. One day his cousin gets jacked for his Jordans, Double Mint Wrapper acting as a Grill and Hot Cheetos at the corner store. Instead of just robbing him, the kid gets capped 4 times in the face. The Cool finds out and is heartbroken. Will he change his ways? Will The Cool build a robot? Will that beam of light hit him? Who did this and why!?! He’ll surely avenge this… damn you Game!


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