Saturday, February 09, 2008

Watching Them Thangs!

Big Noyd Things Done Changed

GLC Honor Me

Murs Better Than the Rest

GFK Celebrate
Now why didn't this come out in November?

Missy Ching-A-Ling/ Shake Your Pom Pom
Damn she has a strangle hold on Pop music; she could fart and it'd sound like this. "Shake" sound eeriely like that Ricy Martin song. The vids are okay but I have a feeling when there's a look back at 2008, this is going to be a main clip.

Pacific Division Women Problems

Red Cafe Paper Touching

Duo Live Runnin Outta Time
Anybody got the mp3?

Cons Ye The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Pac Division Fat Boyz 2008

edrey i like it

Timbaland Keri Hilson Nicole Sch-I ain't spelling it! Scream
Questions: Why does Timbo think opening his shirt is sexy? When did people start jocking Ransom's style, Keri and Nicole? What was the budget for this video and did they even secure liscensing to shoot in a random ass undergound parking lot? Is that butch cut chick all Timbo could pay for? Keri and Nicole definitely don't have a future in the porn industry let alone the music industry... so they must let dudes ass fuck them then.

Dirt Nasty 1980

Willy Northpole Welcome to AZ

Chronic Masturbation


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